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14 Ways To Balance Your Karma

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Karma - What goes around comes around

What is Karma?

Have you ever heard the expression, “What goes around, comes back around?”

It means - You will never understand the damage you did to someone until the same thing is done to you.

This is exactly how Karma operates - Whatever energy one puts out into the Universe will always come back to them.

Karma is based on CAUSE AND EFFECT.

THE CAUSE stems from all your actions, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, intentions, desires & choices

THE EFFECT is the equal karmic reaction you receive from your actions.

Therefore Your Good & Bad Karma is completely dependent on YOU!

GOOD KARMA  Good karma is the result of GOOD INTENTIONS that positively impact others (love, positive thoughts, selflessness, honesty, kindness, generosity, and compassion)

BAD KARMA  Bad karma is the result of BAD INTENTIONS that negatively impact others (negative thoughts, harmful deeds, anger, jealousy, greed, lust, dishonesty, violence, hatred)

Karma Meaning

The Meaning of Karma in the Bhagavad Gita:

The Bhagavad Gita (“Song of God”) is the First Book Of Yoga. This Ancient Indian Text has powerfully and deeply influenced famous writers, thinkers, scientists and philosophers over the centuries.

In the Bhagavad Gita, the term Karma represents actions and deeds performed by an individual and Yoga means joining together.

So, Karmayoga is mindfully taking the correct action to achieve liberation (Moksha) from the cycle of life and death.

This is achieved by making sure our actions and deeds are not attached to the material world of lust, greed and anger.

But that’s easier said than done - Human Beings are built to be social by nature - We are born to create karma - And that is why we find it difficult to sacrifice our attachment to pleasure, wealth and desire.

Human Life is almost like a very realistic video game, where we have to beat different karmic traps and different levels of difficulty by raising our desires, our focus & our integrity to higher and higher levels - Until we finally fulfil our Life Purpose on this planet by becoming our Higher Self. (Click on the link to learn about Ascension)

Bhagavad Gita Karma meaning and definition of Karma yoga

So Then Why Isn’t Everyone Becoming Their Higher Self?

It is completely up to us, to use our free will (our energy/ our focus) towards becoming the best we can be - by connecting with our Higher Self.

But unfortunately, most people are stuck in the material world. Their belief systems are centered around money, power & greed - So they use their free will to give into temptations & addictions that keep them stuck in a negative loop.

So How Can We Break Free From Our Addictions & Negative Belief Systems?

1, When we use our Free Will to learn powerful healing techniques like Meditation and Ascension Healing - We gain the will power to control our addictions and unhealthy desires. Which then helps us channel our energies towards fulfilling our Life Purpose.

2, Our Higher Self knows how to help us stay calm, centered and focused on our LIfe Purpose - Which then frees us from our attachment to Addictions, Lust, Anger, and Greed.

3, You can not control your past karma after it is done, But when you’re mindful & conscious of your actions in the present - You begin to realize that this present moment's Karma is entirely in your hands

What is Karma? Fear based vs Love Based


1, Abusive, Unhealthy or Unhappy Relationships (Personal & Work)

2, Accidents

3, Health Issues (Mental & Physical)

4, Financial Problems

5, Bad Luck & Misfortune

6, Low self esteem

These are all different manifestations of Bad Karma.

But at the same time - what one deems as misfortune can also be an opportunity to grow stronger and wiser.

Karma is not a punishment - It’s a learning experience designed to help us grow and ascend to higher levels of spirituality.

Karma doesn’t make you a victim - The power lies in how you react to karma.  How people treat you is their karma but how you react is yours.

Every thing that happens to you is an opportunity to balance your previous karma. By choosing not to react negatively - You break free from the karmic cycle.

  Example: An overly ambitious woman seduces a wealthy man and ends up marrying him only for his money.

All her friends envy her wealth and her luxurious lifestyle - Not Knowing that her husband is actually an alcoholic who beats her up on a daily basis.

From the outside, she seems to look happy while attending social events wearing glamorous long dresses that hide her bruises - But from the inside she is broken.

After years of abuse, she finally finds the courage to get a divorce from her abusive husband by learning the important lesson of choosing love, integrity & self respect over greed.

Life doesn’t bring us what we want, it brings us what we need. Which is often why challenging and painful situations come into our lives in the first place.

Karma quote - Wayne Dyer

Can I Balance My Karma?

Karma isn’t a fixed destiny - It’s a negative loop that keeps replaying our unhealthy tendencies and patterns - Until we learn to break free from our negative patterns.

Instead of being a victim by blaming Karma - We should take responsibility to fix unhealthy patterns through self-discipline.

Through Meditation and Ascension Healing - we can strive to become our highest potential - Our Higher Self.

Our Higher Self is so powerful - it knows how to help us successfully fulfil our life purpose through intuition and insight - So that we accumulate more and more positive energy through positive actions.



You can’t change unless you accept your negative traits and weaknesses - so that you can overcome them. Consistent self-reflection helps us realize when we are wrong.

2. CHANGE BEGINS WITH YOU The only thing you can control is - yourself! Instead, of trying to change others - focus on your own self development.

The best way to help others change is to inspire them through your own change.


Don’t blame others - Take responsibility for your own life and your actions.

4. USING THE PRESENT TO BALANCE YOUR PAST KARMA You cannot change the past but you can certainly make amends for the wrongs you’ve done in the past - By changing your negative behaviour in the present.


When shit hits the roof - don’t focus on what’s going wrong - Instead calm yourself and focus on what the situation taught you and how to make it right.

6. LINE UP YOUR ACTIONS WITH YOUR BELIEFS The Universe will always test your beliefs - so if you believe in something - Back it up with your actions.

Practice what you preach.


History will repeat itself until you’ve learned what you needed to. If you feel that you’re stuck in a negative cycle -Really look within & understand what you need to change - To break this negative pattern.


Karma doesn’t always happen immediately. Sometimes we have to wait for years. So don’t do good deeds just to earn Karmic Brownie Points - As you will end up feeling impatient when you don’t see immediate results.

Success is achieved through dedication, patience, and persistence, nothing else.

When one works towards their true passion in life - they end up enjoying each step of the way - which then ends up giving them more & more satisfaction in the long run.

One should avoid taking Shortcuts to be successful. Shortcuts often involve losing one’s integrity - Which then accumulates more negative karma.  

Remember: All good things come to those who are patient.


Giving to others with no expectation - Is the best kind of Karma.

Even a hug or kind word can transform someones day.

Every effort, no matter how small, will always trigger a positive reaction that inspires others.


Learn to forgive those who have done you wrong.

Ironically, using karma to wish harm onto others - Also creates bad karma! So be mindful.

Instead of taking joy in another person’s suffering in the name of justice - It’s probably healthier to wish them well and hope that they eventually become better people by learning their karmic lessons.


Engage in a daily practice (Meditation or Ascension Healing) to learn how to observe your inner chatter and process negativity with the help of your Higher Self.

This simple, daily mindfulness practice will lead to more and more self awareness - helping you steer away from different karmic traps.


Thank the Universe for all your blessings and for those who have graced your life with their love and kindness.

Practicing gratitude gets rid of negativity and raises your vibration to a happier state of being.


Before you can unconditionally love others, you must first learn to love and heal every bit of yourself.

Oxygen Mask Analogy: When we take a flight - we always watch a flight safety demonstration - Which says - Should the cabin lose pressure - Oxygen masks will fall from the over head area.

If you are travelling with a child or someone who requires assistance, secure your mask on first, and then assist the other person.

Similarly, learning how to love and heal ourselves first - Helps us attract healthier relationships and teaches us how to love others unconditionally.

We can’t love others if we don’t know how to love ourselves.

Many of us are stuck in unhealthy, codependent or abusive relationships because of feelings of guilt, misplaced martyrdom or even codependence - Which is actually unhealthy for everyone involved.

Codependent relationships is when one partner, or both, rely heavily on the other for their self worth and overall emotional well-being.

Interdependent relationships is when partners recognize the importance of their emotional bond - While simultaneously maintaining a healthy sense of their Higher Self within the relationship dynamic.

Self Love gives us the wisdom and courage to recognize and walk away from abusive, unhealthy or codependent karmic relationships.

14. Knowing Your Life Purpose

Having a sense of purpose gives us direction.

When we don’t know our life purpose - we tend to engage in unhealthy addictions that keep us stuck in unhealthy karmic patterns.

The best way to figure out your life purpose is to connect with your wise Higher Self to gain the wisdom and strength needed to achieve your goals. 

Even if the journey towards your life purpose is filled with obstacles - Following your life purpose passionately on a daily basis will feel rewarding.


14 ways to balance your karma - part 1

14 ways to balance your karma - part 2

14 ways to balance your Karma - Part 3

I hope you found this post helpful. You now have the tools to balance your karma and transform yourself into a more mature, accountable and loving person who knows how to process karma in a positive and proactive way.

If you have anything to add, I would love to read your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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