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  • Anjali Lavania

Understanding Emotions

“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Why are we so afraid of our feelings ? Emotions are energy in motion - it is the way we find out if we are in alignment with our highest potential - our divine mission. If we did not have negative emotions we would not know if things were going off track from what we truly desire to experience.

Sadness, Melancholy and sometimes even depression are ingenious indicators that show us that we are drifting away from our unique purpose in this life time. Depression is the last stage that clearly indicates that we are not listening to our intuition and inner wisdom - pushing us to look within and begin recreating ourselves from scratch.

All kinds of artists understand their moods intrinsically and use their ever changing feelings creatively to produce something new. We are all creators in our own right - all of us are here to contribute our innate genius in some way that fits together beautifully in this jigsaw puzzle called life.

Don't be afraid to feel - it is a gift and a blessing - it is what makes us human. We must trust and love our emotions to show us the right way but not identify with them and use them as an excuse to give up on life but to instead realize that it's part of the cycles and rhythms of life- Like the seasons of the year and the lunar cycles of the moon that occurs every month. Each phase whether spring - summer - autumn - winter or the waxing and waning of the Moon is important, as it helps us understand our creative inner rhythm from creation to completion.

Next time, you experience sadness really look within and take responsibility for your own life - do not blame other people around you for causing unhappiness. We have the power to not let anyone steal our connection to our infinite light glowing within us. Yes, it is important to grieve for a loss or heart break but embrace it as a blessing as this loss is a way to help you get back on track towards something that will truly make you radiate with divine bliss.

We must learn to let go of things that do not resonate with us - do not cling on to things and people based on social conditioning or out of fear of change or out of fear that you will never get what you truly deserve. The Universe always wants to fill you with abundance and blessings but it can not interfere with free will. So trust and have faith in your selves - embrace your self worth and let your higher wisdom guide you back to being your most authentic self - which will inevitably leads you to happiness.

Love, Light and blessings


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