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Are We Puppets?

Are we puppets ?

Do any of these Scenarios seem familiar?

1,Your partner yells at you coz she/ he's having a bad day and makes you feel really bad and low ruining the perfectly good day you were having and then later sweetly apologizes, maybe even by paying you a compliment and you suddenly feel better and begin to smile.

2,You were enjoying a peaceful drive inspite of traffic but other rude drivers suddenly trigger sudden road rage within you and you begin to honk angrily at their rudeness?

3You decide to do something loving and go out of your way for someone but their lack of appreciation dampens your spirits?

Why are we puppets to what other people do or say to us? Are we not capable of staying calm and centered inspite of outside influences?

Why do we give our power away and give in to our emotions - why does a compliment make you feel amazing and an insult ruin your day? Yes, it's human nature learnt from social conditioning - it's in our genes passed down from our our ancestors, but isn't it time we become responsible for the way we feel - without blaming another person or situation for lowering our frequencies.

In this Cymatics video, it is clearly shown that we all vibrate on frequencies and negativity lowers our frequencies and positivity raises our frequencies.

So why do we let ourselves swing like a pendulum from high to low due to outside factors.

Saints and yogis have been preaching about the benefits of staying centered and not identifying or indulging in extremes like over reacting/ overeating/ drinking/chasing after fame and money- as it causes us to lose our inner balance.

It is time to take back our power by staying centered and calm in the face of the biggest storms through the Art of Treasure Hunting:

1, Please Understand that everything I repeat everything is a blessing - There is always a hidden blessing in each challenge.

2, Truly prosperous people have learnt the Art of Treasure Hunting; in the face of the biggest challenges and pain; they have realized that The Universe aka God aka our highest self (since we are all made in the image of god ) is always supporting us. So, in that case the present challenge is only helping us polish our inner selves through wisdom and experience.

3, If we all take a moment to control our immediate emotional reactions and really perceive the situation from a higher perspective - we would all be able to see the silver lining around each painful situation.

4, We are constantly creating our own realities with our thoughts and emotions - so the wise ones have realized that there is no point losing our precious higher positive frequencies on anyone, anything or any situation. The wisest thing to do is to calm oneself and disengage from the negative situation and then to engage in something positive like listening to music/ exercising/ taking a nap/ taking a shower /watching something funny or spiritually engaging to ensure that we continue vibrating on the higher frequencies. Then, once we are calmer we should take another look at the negative situation and we will always find the hidden blessing or hidden advice within our own consciousness.

5, The Art of treasure Hunting gets better with Practice, soon you will reach a stage when you don't even need to disengage as you haven't engaged in anything negative to begin with!! - thus allowing you to calmly perceive the hidden blessing in that very moment right there. For now, you can slowly start practicing Treasure Hunting until it becomes a habit. A good way to begin is to look back into your past and try to see how every situation, however bad ultimately helped you grow wiser, stronger in some way or the other.

6, I lovingly refer to this as Treasure Hunting with my clients as during a treasure hunt (I am sure many of you played Treasure hunting games or watched them on TV) , even if one reaches a road block they excitedly try to find the clue that leads them back to the right path as they have full faith that at the end they are guaranteed to find TREASURE. This is the kind of faith that all of us should focus on- we all have a unique divine purpose and the fulfilment of this purpose through various trials and errors - is the Ultimate treasure.

Love, Light and Blessings


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