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  • Anjali Lavania

Self - Reflections

Tired, I lay upon my mother's chest and her loving warmth embraced me. I stared across the crimson tides, my rippled reflections spread before me....

My cherished dreams and darkest fears, infused in a fathomless flurry. Will they ever leave me, these vagrant, raw feelings? - I seemed to incessantly worry.

And then instantly, almost magically, the soothing waves tenderly nudged me, The instinctive Mother's watchful love, gently guided me as she touched me.

Affectionate, soft and nurturing, she whispered into my ear... Hush your thoughts my child, as things are not as they appeared.

Don't fret, don't doubt just face your fears and only then, can you really see.... That each memory is just a friendly echo to inevitably awaken thee.

No matter, how Painful maybe - the deeply ingrained melancholy, READILY Celebrate the pain, just like you did with each VICTORY....

For only detachment from illusory suffering and self-created misery, Will reveal the abundant love and blessings, that are meant to set you free.

Carefully, I think back and it's true! Every challenge faced ALWAYS revealed a boon! Making me realize that this shall pass too, I will completely heal and ASCEND soon.

Restored and renewed, with a big smile upon my face, I gratefully thanked Mother for her loving guidance and innate grace.

Her words of wisdom fully dawned on me, there's nothing to grieve in Actuality, As Each of us are Co-creating fractals of divine infinity, this is the true essence of REALITY!

~ Anjali Lavania ~

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