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  • Anjali Lavania

Treat others the way you want to be treated - communication is the key.

I love this quote; "love cannot exist as a monologue, it is a very harmonious dialogue."

So many of us want to be in a loving relationship but at the end of the day - it takes two, both the people have to flow symbiotically .

You cannot just keep giving or keep taking ...why does the honeymoon period always seem so perfect coz that's when both partners put their best foot forward and try to win the other person's heart. So once the other person has been won over - it doesn't mean it's time to look for the next game to hunt . It is actually time to create a third more powerful energy through synergy and mutual love and respect.

I am not talking about children necessarily more like teamwork that gives birth to incredible new ideas/ projects or even the possibility of exploring new avenues together to tap into your highest potential.

It is easy to keep mating with a new person every time the spark goes out of the present relationship - that's how most animals breed.

But we are humans dealing with humans - each of us have fragile emotions and we all want to be loved .

Yes, only when you meet a lot of people will you be able to know exactly who you gel with but do you really need to make false promises just to seal the deal or have another notch on your bedpost?

Isn't it time we treat our fellow human beings with the love and respect they deserve. We are meant to be highly evolved beings, shouldn't we be able to tell the difference between right and wrong....all it needs is empathy and common sense. I have heard people say oh they wanted it too but they wanted a lot more too and you knew it from the get go and still decided to conveniently overlook that information .

We can tell when someone wants more from us even if they don't say it and isnt it upon our conscience to look out for that person in their time of weakness or should we just ignore it to appease our egos and sexual appetites?

We are all co-creators, we are meant to partner with other people and create magic through our unique genetic code, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

All I request you to do - is to treat people like how you would like to be treated by putting yourself in their shoes.

Make sure you Clarify situations and look out for an overzealous person who may lack self worth so that they don't get hurt; just like you would look out for your younger sibling or best friend .

If each of us began to treat those around us with empathy, love and respect - in our small way we will become the change we are looking for in this world .

Love light and blessings

Anjali lavania

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