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  • Anjali Lavania

How to diffuse a Negative Situation?

You can't change or control people you can only change your #reaction towards them - it's not what happens to you but how you react to them that matters.

Often times, we meet people who are rude, annoying , argumentative, over bearing & hurtful ...But instead of reacting to such people with irritation, lashing back with anger or arguing - wisdom suggests you

1, stop yourself from having an IMMEDIATE REACTION!

2, To not react immediately you need to detach from that person by taking few minutes to breathe deeply or excuse yourself and go to the restroom or pretend you have an important phone call & step outside to recenter yourself.

3, The idea is to not lower your frequencies by responding in the same frequency that the person is attacking you with ..why ruin an equation just because the other person is stuck or momentarily stuck in lower frequencies.

4, If you can't leave the situation and find yourself already involved - it is never too late to consciously bring back your awareness by detaching yourself from negativity with the above suggestions.

5, There are times when you are stuck in a moving vehicle and you obviously can't jump out - that's when the deep breathing comes into action - yr awareness moves away from ego back to yourself through your breath. With practice this simple act will remind you that you are the creator of your own reality .

6, If you are the creator of your own reality - by first centering yourself with deep breaths you can now try to figure out why this situation is taking place, since everything is a blessing - u need to be open to the lesson being taught.

7, If in that moment you can't bring yourself to figure out the hidden blessing - let go and try to change the topic and request the other person to excuse you and to give you time to come back with an appropriate answer.

8, If that person doesn't let you go just thank them for their advice as there is no point arguing with someone who doesn't see reason or understand you.

9, ofcourse if they are right then thanking them for enlightening you will always be well received.

Love, light and blessings


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