• Anjali Lavania


Integrity is choosing courage over fear , choosing what is right vs being sneaky/ unethical and choosing to practice what you preach ....even when no one is watching.

We are always faced with choices in life ... Some people choose instant gratification no matter how much they harm others or even harm them selves !

Wisdom suggests when faced with a difficult choice :

1, make sure you are centered and not feeling angry / irritable/cranky /sad. Instead, Center yourself by walking in nature / listening to music / meditating / praying etc

2, when finally centered truly assess the situation - are u going to hurt anyone with your choice . (It is impossible to please everyone but don't use that as an excuse to consciously hurt someone, there is always another way if you really choose to do the right thing.) Truly see if u are taking the easy way out in terms of losing your core values / your identity /your authenticity?

3, figure out which choice makes you feel excited - follow your highest excitement (not the kind of excitement that will make you feel guilty later - highest excitement in this case means that which will excite your higher self in terms of fulfilment and ethics )

4,, think long term - in the bigger picture which choice will ultimately help you tap your highest potential ( people don't realize this but doing karmically wrong things actually ends up prolonging your ultimate happiness as karma always wins , there is no point being the richest person on earth without true friends or family or good health / peace of mind )

I loved this quote I came across : "with so many things coming back in style, I can't wait for loyalty and integrity to be the new trend again." 😊

Sending you all lots of love light blessings and positivity! Anjali Lavania


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