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  • Anjali Lavania

Letting go is easier than you think

I love this quote - so many times we hold on to our pain, our past , an ex, a grudge, unforgiveness.....But it's time we realize that whatever we focus on grows even more ! It's best to understand why it happened to find the hidden blessing that was meant for our growth and then move forward being more wiser from the experience . Being wiser, doesn't mean locking your heart away so that no one hurts you again or trying to teach the other person a lesson - let karma do it's job ...It just means learning your lessons in a way that sets you free. Give people a chance but if they take you for granted - the lesson to be learnt is to love yourself enough to say no to those who step all over your kindness and to surround yourself with those who truly appreciate your energy . The simple act of stepping away from an unpleasant situation or person gives you the space / the pause to reconnect with your inner reservoir of wisdom, intuition and peace. Nothing can be solved from a place of anger and conflict . No one is asking you to run away but there is no point engaging in a battle of egos - you rather pause to recenter yourself so that you can gracefully and wisely diffuse any tension. If you can't then it's braver to excuse yourself and say nothing than say something egobased. Wisdom is realizing that the only person u can change is yourself and refocusing your energy on your own growth and if that situation or person is meant to be in your life - they will return only when they can match your new found frequencies of love and respect. So you might as well enjoy each day by focusing on ways to elevate your own energies, your life and your goals instead of wasting your energies reliving your past and your pain. It's time to invest in yourself by utilizing your energies in positive thoughts and actions. Your vibe will always attract your tribe. Love light and blessings Anjali

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