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  • Anjali Lavania

Don't Chase after people, affection or attention - chase after your dreams!

Don't chase after people, affection or attention. Chase after your dreams. Be the best you can be - the right people will be attracted to the real you and will want to stay by your side WITHOUT you having to play games to keep them in your lives. If they don't have the time or energy for you they are not worth your time and energy . Two things you should never have to chase - true friends and true love.

It is human nature to crave love and attention where it was once given in abundance but when that is taken away - most people start chasing after it instead of stopping and thinking why is this person playing games with my emotions? A lot of relationship experts are teaching people on how to make someone miss you and crave you but the question is why do u want such people in your life to begin with?

I don't support people being obsessive either. One must lead a balanced life and focus on tapping their highest potential on a daily basis. We should not get carried away by our emotions .

Our heart is not our emotions - our emotions can often be dramatic / angry, obsessive while our heart is that wise and calm voice that gives you advice to recenter yourself. Our emotions are like messengers telling us when we are on the right track with positive emotions and when we are off track with negative emotions. We need to learn how to listen to the messages and use the information to recenter ourselves .

If we hold on to the message of sadness - it turns into depression!

So learn to understand your emotions and balance your life.

A balanced life entails spending time and energy to better your body , mind and soul and to nurture the true connections in your life.

I came across this beautiful quote; "when u like a flower you pluck it but when you love a flower or rather the whole plant itself you water its roots." It's time we become the love we seek .

Love light and blessings Anjali

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