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  • Anjali Lavania

Believe in Yourself

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Let's Break this down. Believe meaning - accept that (something) is true, especially without proof. So by that definition, believing in yourself . Requires you to accept that your SELF IS TRUE WITHOUT PROOF! What is the SELF? Who are we? Who is in charge of this body? What are we meant to accomplish in life? So many questions - one answer! Believe in yourself! Your Higher Self, that wise energy that calms you down with the right perspective when you feel anxious ....the self that INTUITIVELY warns you to break while driving, just about saving your life in the nick of time! ....the self that you talk to when you are brainstorming an idea. There is no physical proof of this energy but yet we need to believe that this energy is looking out for us! There are many selves within us - the emotional self, the mental self, the ambitious self, the egoic self but the HIGHER SELF IS THE CAPTAIN OF THIS SHIP! The captain that keeps our emotions, thoughts, ego and ambition in check! So that we aren't BE-ING over-analytical, dramatic, greedy and power hungry. THE KEY TO SUCCESS IS BELIEVING IN YOUR HIGHER SELF THAT LOVINGLY GUIDES YOU TO PUT IN THE RIGHT EFFORT AND FOCUS TOWARDS YOUR DREAMS TO MAKE THEM YOUR REALITY! The only way to listen to your higher self is to practice some form of self - realization aka meditation/prayer/channeling! Just as we make time to exercise our bodies - we need to make time to practice self - realization. So that we train our mulitiple selves to listen to the captain of our ship - the higher self that lives in our heart. That is why they say follow your heart, they never say follow your mind! Especially in times of anguish, stress, sadness and anger - when we are prone to making bad decisions in life, it is important to quieten the mind, the emotions and the ego to listen to the wise Captain! Just like how consistent workouts tone and shape our bodies- Listening to one's higher self gets better with practice - a daily practice to REALIZE the different selves within us and to BEGIN BELIEVING IN THE WISDOM OF YOUR HIGHER SELF THAT ONLY WANTS THE BEST FOR YOU WHEN NO ONE ELSE WILL BELIEVE IN YOU! Love, light and blessings Anjali Lavania

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