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  • Anjali Lavania

Sincerity - Trust actions not words.

I trust actions not just words.

I rather give my time, integrity and spirit to those whose actions reflect sincerity! What is Sincerity ? When one consistently does what they say and doesn't just say things to get what they initially want from you. The problem today, is that real people are either taken advantage of or hated, and people who are fake are being loved! Even worse, people have gotten so used to pretending for social media, they don't realize that it's getting carried forward into their daily interactions . Ultimately, when sincere people have had enough, they will walk away, and that is when people are forced to wake up and look within themselves to truly understand how valuable sincerity is. Unfortunately, most people are so used to playing games or being hurt in the past, they end up defending their actions and such people need compassion. Inherently, we are all one, we are all good people that come from the same source but some of us have lost the way some how ... Try to put their insecurities to sleep. Remind them their worthy and be the change that you seek in this world by trying your best to help people who seem lost . But, don't waste your time and energy proving you are a good person. A person can still have a good heart and say no....At the end, you will be respected and appreciated more for having healthy boundaries and inadvertently, you will teach others to respect healthy boundaries too . If they truly value you, they will understand the real you and know that you will always be there for them as long as they follow up their words with sincere actions. Every one deserves a second chance . Sincerity begins with each one us....Become the change you seek. Love light and blessings Anjali

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