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  • Anjali Lavania

Find Peace and everything will fall into Place.

The ego will say, "once everything falls into place I will find peace" but the soul says; "once I find peace everything will fall into place.' You will be surprised how many things fall into place when you follow the wisdom given by yr higher self and learn to speak with your soul .... Thanks to meditation, I have learnt that in face of any problems /stress or even over excitement / temptation - I have been able to first calm my thoughts, emotions & my ego to find the best solution . I don't dive into things without first consulting my higher self & this comes with practice. One needs to learn how to differentiate between the voice of temptation / anger led by ego or the voice of reason / peace that is led by your higher self. Meditation helps you to quieten the ego by listening to its various rants & demands like listening to a lil child, then let the wisdom of your higher self calm that lil child - by letting the child know that the higher self is looking out for the child's best interests like a loving parent - but tantrums & impatience will not give them positive results . Once you calm yourself - a myriad of different solutions make themselves available to you, that are guided by wisdom & will positively take you to the next level of progress. All you have to do is realize what triggers the ego as those are your karmic lessons that are holding you back in a lower frequency and until you free yourself from those triggers - u will keep repeating the same negative patterns . Once you realize the lessons that need to be learnt- with patience and dedication u can break free from repeating the same mistakes .. Then Anger / jealousy /hatred etc will not hold you back anymore, whether you are at the receiving end of these negative triggers and need to release the victim template within ur consciousness or whether you are the perpetrator , harming others due to lack of empathy and awareness. You will finally understand the error of your ways & rise above these triggers. But remember, the only way u can realize if you have risen above these triggers is for the triggers to keep repeating until u consistently pass the test​ calmly. A lot of these behavioural traits are carried forward from our environment - what we have subconsciously absorbed while growing up. We need to educate ourselves by feeding our conscious mind (our current awareness) with the correct wisdom that doesn't harm any one including ourselves. Self love should be in balance with loving others - as we are all one. This will teach us to think for ourselves and not blindly repeat the mistakes our parents or our mentors made, however much we respect them. We must never make excuses for what we know is wrong, the answers always exist deep inside our hearts. When you read articles, watch the news or hear a speech - let your own inner wisdom guide you. The truth will always resonate with your peaceful higher self and anything that triggers your ego out of vengeance or selfish gain is stemming from negative karmic patterns.

We are all one, everyone is a reflection of us . So if we encounter difficult people or people who tend to get on our nerves - it's a karmic cycle that we need to break out of and the only way to do it is to control our reactions to that person . You can't change other people but just your reactions to them through meditation and by consulting your wise higher self.

Love, light and blessings Anjali

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