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  • Anjali Lavania

Mend your broken heart with Self Love.

I encounter so many beautiful and loving people, who end up getting their hearts broken by the very same people who they had literally given their heart and soul to...

"I loved her so much, I gave her everything I had, more than I had ever given my family or even myself and without saying a word, she left me for another man.... but I still went back to her when she called - I just can't say no to her...I love her that much."

"I loved him so much even though he cheated on me again and again, I still forgave him every single time, even though it broke my heart beyond repair- that's how much I loved him - I knew he would change one day."

Do you see the common link ?

Sometimes, the nicest people in the world just keep giving, to the detriment of their own well being because they haven't learnt how to love themselves.....They take up the role of the martyr or fixer, hoping that through their unconditional love the other person will change. (when actually, they might be trying to fix an unhealthy relationship pattern from their own childhood).

If you are so blinded by obsession or one sided unconditional love, where you have forgotten to also unconditionally love yourself - the chances of you being taken for granted are high!

Yes. sacred texts teach us to unconditionally love everyone without expectations but not without self- respect and self - love!

We are all one, therefore taking care of yourself is as important as loving your beloved. When you take good care of yourself, the people around you will respect that and it will inspire them to treat you with respect too.

If you can sense all the warning signs that your beloved is being selfish/ greedy/ dishonest etc .....don't fool yourself.. No one is asking you to be paranoid or suspicious either just Don't ignore your intuition....Energy never lies - you can feel it in the gut of your stomach when something is truly wrong. Meditation/ Ascension Healing helps in differentiating between fear driven paranoia and intuitive warning signs guided by wisdom.

Try this simple exercise : If your daughter/ son/ younger sibling was in the same relationship like yours, that is draining you - what advice would you give them?

Learn to look out for yourself, just like how you look out for your child/ sibling. This way you won't have expectations from anyone - you provide yourself with everything you need and if another person wants to shower you with love - that's a bonus!

It doesn't mean you hang out with people who treat you badly - it just means your ascending vibe will attract your tribe. who will reflect similar values/ virtues that exists within you.

Learn to enjoy each moment and be wise about the company you choose. Most importantly learn to love your own company - don't give into bordedom/ temptation/ loneliness.

Love yourself enough to invest time in yourself - give your highest potential all the time and energy it needs to shine, instead of over-romanticising the one who broke your heart.

I will let you in on a lil secret - The real reason your heart is broken is because you ended up losing yourself in the process of loving someone else.

The shamans of Peru talk about soul retrieval - it is a process of retrieving each piece of one's soul that has escaped during difficult times.

A piece of your soul escapes too help you cope with the pain during tough times and the best way to heal yourself - is to take good care of yourself and then invite that lost piece of your soul back in to your body .

It will only return when it sees that you are truly taking care of yourself and won't repeat the same mistakes that might cause you pain.

All these karmic relationships are incredibly important to teach you crucial life lessons that you can rise higher higher as you embrace your most authentic self and begin to love every part of your being, and your life .

Learn to love your mistakes as well as victories - so that the hidden blessings can reveal themselves to you. If you resist and hide behind fear and pain - you are stopping yourself from processing very important wisdom that is necessary for your growth.

Many times. the most confident people end up falling for the people who bruise their egos - this is unhealthy too!

So many people think you are awesome/ special and worthwhile why would you listen to that one person who thinks you are not ?

It's important to rise above such mind games/ ego battles. Don't confuse mind games with true love. You do not need to prove your worth to the one who truly loves you - always remember that.

The more time you spend trying to figure out someone because they treated you less than you deserve - the more your ego will trick you into thinking you are in love with that person. So please, instead of brooding, invest your time and your thoughts in fulfilling your highest potential ......and as you do so, you will end up meeting that special someone who is meant to connect with you mentally, physically and spiritually.

Love light and blessings


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