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  • Anjali Lavania

Self Judgement

How to not judge yourself after a meeting/ presentation/ performance.

Of course, it's important to replay things once to understand how to make things better for your next performance/ meeting, but there is no point reducing your personal best with over analysis, doubt and self judgement.

Instead give your best and then visualize the best case scenario and let it go through ascension healing and positive affirmations.

If we live in a universe that reflects our thoughts/emotions what is the point of repeatedly replaying our doubts, judgements and our past in our heads. This very habit is what differentiates a success story from disappointment.

Success is not measured by the amount of money you make but by the lives you impact positively and how you proactively handle disappointment along the way to turn every situation into a blessing.

So by this definition - are you stuck in a vicious rut of low frequency thoughts/ doubts and judgements that is stopping your own progress?

We are all meant to be master manifestors that create our own reality consciously and deliberately. Each of us creates our reality. Whether we know it or not. Whether we like it or not.

However, not all of us are doing it consciously. Thanks to our repeated tendency of complaining, doubting and fearing the worst, we have unconsciously manifested that shitty job, abusive relationship or even that terrible apartment/room mate into our lives.

It's time to become aware of the inner working of our mind. Through ascension healing/ meditation - we must become the masters of our thoughts and emotions.

The Law of Attraction in 10 Steps:

1, Set a Goal - go within and prioritize your goals. Focus on your top priorities

2, Believe - we all deserve abundance. (if you feel you don't, use ascension healing to heal yourself from guilt/ low self worth )

3, Write it Down - this seals your intention in your conscious mind.

4, Affirm It - Find or create an affirmation to help you believe. Eg: I am always divinely guided and blessed. Then use this affirmation instead of replaying your doubts in your head.

5, Stay Positive - Engage in daily activities that keep your body mind and soul in higher frequencies . Working out / creativity / meditation.

6, Take Action - Go Ahead courageously and put your divinely guided thoughts/creativity in motion.

7, Meditate/ Ascension Healing - Go within to replay your performance once in your head and then congratulate yourself for all the things you did well and make notes of the things that you may need to correct ..but most importantly still celebrate the victory of having the courage to take action.

8, Visualize the best happening to you as we are all here to grow a lil each time and to strengthen our self belief.

9, Feel Good - You are now officially a do- er not just someone who keep talking but never takes action.

10, Gratitude - Be grateful for each opportunity to get better and better at your craft and for all the wonderful people who helped you with each opportunity, as well as the people who helped you realize how to get even better at your craft.

In Short, each opportunity is a blessing to become a better manifestor or better at your craft or better at appreciating your life or better at staying centered in the face of anything.

To book a session with me, on how to to learn to heal your thoughts/ emotions/ past and to stay centered through ascension healing, please email me at

Love Light and blessings


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