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Be the Change!

Be the Change!

Everyone and everything in the universe is a reflection of you . Even when you feel like a victim and feel wronged, it is an opportunity to balance your karma peacefully and an opportunity to embrace your inner courage and strength. Don’t strike back by inflicting pain on others or playing the victim card - instead recenter and refocus yourself. Work on yourself by polishing your inner diamond and removing the coal. 1, Cut away the negativity by not indulging in the BLAME GAME. 2, Look within and see what you need to change within yourself before you blame another. If you feel victimised, it is a wake up call to embrace your strength and walk away from abuse. Stop sticking around for more abuse and then keep complaining by playing the victim card. 3, If you have given someone more than one chance but they keep disappointing you again and again - that is your cue to move on . 4, People respect you more when they realise that you aren’t going to indulge in blame games and you aren’t going to take any more bullshit excuses. The biggest lesson they can learn is from seeing you staying calm, centered and focused on bettering your life. Calm behaviour always has a way of ending unproductive arguments 5, Yes, they are those who will continue blaming / complaining and might refuse to change but that is their life state, wish them well and let them go...YOU ARE BETTER OFF WITHOUT THEM. 6, Heal yourself, don’t let others' negativity and inability to stay calm take away your inner peace. Life is filled with all kinds of people, if you kept letting each person affect you negatively - you will begin to drown in deep waters of negativity. 7, Instead filter out all the negativity from your mind, body and soul by practising meditation and ascension healing . Practice the violet fire technique to heal your chakras. (Refer to my blog to learn violet fire healing) 8, Most importantly better yourself! If things aren’t going well romantically, physically, health wise, work wise - it’s a huge wake up call to look within yourself and change . Stop blaming others for your unhappiness. 9, If you believe you are doomed - you will be doomed. If you believe you have an incurable disease - you won’t be cured . If you believe the legal system is corrupt and you don’t stand a change - you won’t stand a chance . Those who win against all odds, those who rise against injustice- are the ones who never take no for an answer . They are so strong and resilient inside and out that their sheer resolution will win over any disease or mishap. THIS IS THE POWER OF the MIND OVER MATTER. Outside circumstances don’t matter only your own state of being matters! So it’s never too late to polish yourself and to calm yourself. EVEN YOU can bounce back but the first step is to calm yourself ...peace of mind is the first step to victory . The strongest people don’t get affected by storms or other people’s negativity . Instead their sheer resolve TO MAINTAIN PEACE finally calms the storms. Many of you attempt to change yourselves and see initial changes but then you reach a plateau , a wall where you can’t seem to gather enough inner strength to defeat negativity. This only happens to help you truly unleash all of your strength. Like a fitness trainer gives you heavier weights to build more muscle, similarly the universe gives you situations to test your resolve and your faith. So instead of getting lazy / robotic in your workout routine or in your spiritual practice - put in that extra energy and really FEEL each affirmation, each visualisation to change yourself for the better.

When I teach people how to heal themselves, I always encourage feeling each step versus just robotically saying affirmations and prayers.

Feeling/ E-motion is energy in motion that will truly unblock all the blessings hidden within your pain, within each situation whether good or bad. The universe is waiting for you to really be the master of your existence to shower all of it's blessings upon you.

10, Lastly, DO NOT LOSE SIGHT ON YOUR GOAL. Make sure your daily actions are always in alignment with your goals. Don't get distracted by the fights/ arguments that might come in your way, each day. Instead see them as lessons that are only meant to strengthen you and your focus so that you achieve your goals, even more successfully.

So when you are in the middle of the storm ask yourself - WHAT IS MY GOAL? ....and just FOCUS on that, so that you find the strength to CALM YOURSELF enough to achieve your goals.

The universe always falls in love with a resilient heart because YOU ARE the universe, the YOU-niverse exists within you.

The Time is Now!

Positive Change begins by changing yourself first!

So Be the change !!! Love light and blessings Anjali To book a session email

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