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  • Anjali Lavania

Communication is Mutual Understanding.

Communication is the two- way process of reaching A MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING! In which participants not only exchange (encode-decode) information, ideas and feelings but also create and share meaning. In general, communication is a means of CONNECTING people But often time people think they are communicating when they are actually just defending themselves! When we see communication as a way of connecting and UNDERSTANDING another - we then start using EMPATHY and our other senses to really understand where the person is coming from and what are they trying to say. We all have different life experiences that make us have different points of view . Communication involves understanding WHY someone is saying what they are saying and WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT TO THEM. One can only understand the other by first putting themselves completely in the other persons’ shoes and seeing their point of view from their eyes. That’s what I normally do, I first understand where the other person is coming from and then I repeat what they are trying to communicate ...and only then can I step back into my own shoes to explain my point of view . This way each person does not spend most of their energy trying to explain themselves. Then once both people understand where the other is coming from, it’s important to then FIND SOLUTIONS THAT MUTUALLY BENEFIT BOTH PEOPLE OR MUTUALLY BENEFIT THE GREATER CAUSE. Unfortunately, a lot of people get stuck in ego battles of their lower selves. They do everything in their power to defend their guilt, lies, selfishness etc. Then the choice lies in your hands whether you really want to connect with this person or whether this person is really trying to connect with you ? This can only be realised once you have given each other chances to see: 1, if the other really wants to understand you or connect with you. 2, to see if the other is stuck in a negative pattern of defending themselves and not willing to slay their inner demons. 3, to see if the other is worth the effort to help them realise that they need to stay their inner demons. (Love, patience and believing in their goodness is the key) 4, to see that maybe you have been patient, loving and have given your best but it’s healthier to let them go. 5, to maybe go to a therapist together to learn important tools to communicate in a healthier way 6, to choose your battles wisely ( no point spending all your energy on the small stuff . It’s always best to focus on priorities, what’s important) 7, to see if you are the one who is stuck in a negative pattern of defending yourself 8, to see if both of you are stuck in the past and not seeing the progress made in the now . It’s time to really look within and not only slay your inner demons but dissect them and understand their origins - so that you can heal them permanently ! It’s time we heal ourselves to help us connect with others in a healthier way . To book a healing session email me : Love light and blessings Anjali

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