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  • Anjali Lavania

Energy flows where Attention goes!

Have you ever thought of someone you haven't thought of for a while, and they immediately call or message you ?

Similarly, Have you noticed when you focus on negativity - things become worse? Or when you focus on positivity everything seems to go smoothly? If you focus the majority of your attention on why things are not working out the way you want them to, then your struggles will grow and become more concrete through time.

If you aren’t clear about your goals and direction, then the confusion will grow within your life.

Therefore becoming clear of what you want (and not only what you want to avoid) is essential for creating things in this world. That’s where the power of a FOCUSED PLAN / VISION comes in place.

Yes, while making your focused plan, you can think of solutions to overcome possible problem areas within your plan.....but after the focused plan is ready, then only focus on the solutions.

Learn to Visualize the successful completion of each step in your focused plan as well as the successful completion of the immediate step after that.

Visualizing success means : Using your imagination to see, feel and experience the successful completion of each step of your focused plan , like it has already happened. Actually FEEL how happy and content you are that everything happened smoothly.

The power of FEELING your visualization is EVERYTHING!

It programs your heart and brain to vibrate on the frequencies that match your dreams, so that it flows easily towards you.

It is amazing how positive thinking can change the way we handle situations., even when bad things happen.

When we stay calm/positive, we can handle any situation and keep it under control by turning it into a learning experience even when things don't go as planned.

I always believe that when I have given my best and prepared my body, mind and soul for a positive outcome - only good blessings will come my way.

So in that case, if things don't work out as planned, each set back is just a BLESSING TO HELP US LEARN IMPORTANT LESSONS THAT WILL ONLY Make US THE BEST VERSIONS OF OURSELVES.

Once you learn thIS lesson, you must once again, refocus towards the successful completion of your goals.

Meditation, prayer and chakra healing are wonderful techniques to clear your mind. body and soul from any confusion, doubt and negativity that maybe holding your focus back.

While meditating, you focus inward. This is why meditation builds self-awareness. You become aware of your thoughts. You strengthen your intuition. You become more in tune with your mind, body and soul.

A Prayer typically focuses on certain words, phrases, or images. It’s an affirmation that gives power to whatever you focus on and it’s usually towards a goal ( eg: praying for the health of a loved one).

Chakra healing, is a combination of meditation and prayer that clears away negativity from each chakra that controls your vital organs and other bodily functions, thoughts and memories.

So please begin a daily practice of meditation, prayer or chakra healing that will give you the clarity you need to heal yourself from negativity and refocus towards making a focused plan towards the completion of your goals.

I also strongly recommend that your focused plan must include a daily form of exercise to keep your physical body healthy.

Your success awaits you....The time is now! Change begins with you!

Love light and blessings


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