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  • Anjali Lavania

Self awareness is not Self Judgement.

We all have that voice inside our head that is even more critical than that teacher you always dreaded who always found faults in everything you did ......or your overly critical parent who kept nagging you because they were afraid you would never be good enough for the real world!

Somehow that voice just won’t shut up! Like a nag, it Constantly judges your every decision, every meeting, every conversation and every thing!

It won’t stop Replaying the past, dreading the future and fearing the present . Warning us of all the things that could go wrong and all the things that have gone wrong so far.

Where did this voice come from ? Why is it so negative?

As children we grew up to constant criticism from our parents and teachers that want to ensure we become responsible adults.

But the problem begins when the constant criticism never stops even as we become adults, and it slowly becomes a part of our inner voice as we begin to internalize everyone’s criticism.

It’s unfortunate that very few people know how to teach others how to love themselves, and be comfortable in their own skin by embracing their flaws . The best way to better one’s flaws, is to simultaneously acknowledge and sharpen one’s strengths.

Unfortunately , we can’t go back and change how we developed the inner critic in our heads, but we can definitely start practicing self love to undo all the harm caused to our self image and our self confidence.

So how do we practice self awareness with self love :

1, The first step to self love is self awareness. We must courageously dare to look within all those thoughts, memories and trauma that we may have hidden away out of fear or sadness.

Chakra healing helps to clear away negativity and fear, so that we can reinstill peace and clarity by learning the lessons required to help us understand how to become our most authentic selves with self confidence.

2, Self awareness is very different from self judgement, it involves self love, where we lovingly heal ourselves by accepting our flaws and mistakes . We are all human, we learn through mistakes.

3, Self awareness involves a lot of self reflection and introspection. This is only possible if we become the loving parent we always needed, where we lovingly soothe our own anxiety / fears like a loving parent would help a child.

4, The best way to heal inner criticism is through replacing each negative thought with affirmations like; “ I am worthy of love, I trust and love my present now, I am always divinely guided and blessed , I am love, I am a beautiful being, I am centered, peaceful and grounded, I am successful. “

Write down a list of how far you have come so far and all the battles won. With chakra healing and affirmations you will strengthen your self love muscles with practice . Do not give up on yourself - you deserve the best! Believe in yourself, the only person who can save you is YOU!

5, Learning how to practice the ability to observe without judgement is the highest form of intelligence.

Don’t judge yourself or others - instead understand them and where they are coming from . Every one has their own unique journey which has made them who they are.

Start believing in everyone’s higher self, that everyone is capable of learning through their mistakes and becoming better people.

When you consciously stop judging others, you will also begin to stop judging yourself or vice versa.

It’s a win win for everyone.

6, I am not advocating immoral or unethical behaviour by avoiding self judgement...on the contrary, I am advocating self awareness to become the best version of ourselves. I am spreading awareness of the possibility of transforming your negative self talk to encouraging thoughts by thinking; “What is the best that can happen to me in this moment!”

It’s a known fact that what one focuses on grows! So you might as well focus on the best case scenario and be prepared for everything being a hidden blessing for your growth .

7, when you begin to clearly see yourself without judgement, you are at the door of balance, harmony, peace and freedom. You become one with your higher self .

Love light and blessings


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