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How to Manifest what you want:

1, Write down what you want (be careful what you wish for , make sure it’s for your highest good and it doesn’t harm anyone else) 2, Then happily envision yourself achieving what you want with faith and conviction. (Visualisation helps in sending your wish into the universe, so you do not want to send out a mixed wish where u are fearful or doubtful. I recommend practising visualisation post meditation/ chakra healing when you feel centered and hopeful ) 3, Let go with FAITH and surrender ANY CONTROL on how it will manifest. Let go of how it will appear into your life or WHEN it will appear. The universe knows the BEST way to bring it into your existence. How it will manifest won’t necessarily match your visualisation so don’t hold on to a fixed format or expectation. What’s meant for you will always find it’s way to you . 4, AFTER your daily meditation, Take action towards your manifestation (whether its positive visualisation or following your highest excitement ) Following your highest excitement is a technique where you allow yourself to follow the impulses given to you by your higher self that gives you the highest excitement. Eg: you may be guided to go for a walk or watch a movie or meet someone . Follow the choice that gives you the highest excitement as that is the Universe's way of guiding you towards what you want . I am not suggesting you fool yourself into drinking / procrastinating or indulging in unhealthy behaviour. Highest excitement is the action that aligns with your calm and centered higher self . (That is why I suggest meditating or practising chakra healing first) You might not understand how it will lead you to your manifestation but you never know who you might meet on your walk or what might inspire you when you follow your highest excitement that will lead you to your manifestation. 5, Engage in activities that keep you in a higher flow: writing , creating , dancing or working on whatever you are passionate about. 6, Acknowledge all the signs received from the universe - stop and acknowledge even just a glimmer or hint of what you want when it comes your way. (Eg: songs /angel numbers/ quote ) 7, Appreciate the SIGNS and SYNCHRONICITIES . Eg: This is so amazing, its incredible how this sign has flown into my life. Really enjoy each sign with appreciation and don't try to want the next sign immediately, just let it unfold naturally without forcing or controlling the flow.

8, Read, watch inspirational books/ videos that uplift you. Spend quality time with mentors/ people who encourage and inspire you. 9, Workout/ run/ dance once a day to keep healthy and happy endorphins flowing within your body. 10, The next day Repeat steps 2-9 for any of your present or other manifestations. Enjoy 😇 Love light and blessings Anjali


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