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  • Anjali Lavania

Strengthen your self esteem - A Date with your Higher Self!

Classic case of duality consciousness! As humans we often overthink, hesitate vacillate ....going back and forth between feeling confident and self assured to feeling doubtful, scared and lost. This is all part of the journey towards enlightenment . This back and forth between two extreme ways of thinking may showcase our tendency towards over analysis, low self esteem and lack of faith. It is good to strengthen our weaknesses in order to succeed but there is no point in CONSTANTLY doubting our potential or our strengths. It’s important to adopt a practice that integrates you with your higher self, so that you can know the difference between healthy introspection and over analysis. Your higher self is very calm, reassuring and helps you to recognise the difference between low self esteem and your true potential, gifts and talents. Your higher self can inspire you and guide you to heal yourself, learn important lessons and also make the appropriate choices or take the appropriate action that are important for your success and growth . Everyone’s has a unique journey, no one else can know what is right for you adopt a practice to integrate with your higher self and let your higher guide you To learn more about connecting with one’s higher self . Pls email me to schedule a session Love light and blessings Anjali The Ascension Healer.COM Please read Marissa Peers beautiful explanation of one’s higher self below: “Your higher self is the you that is all knowing, unlimited and eternal. It’s the part of you that guides you with intuition and teaches you through insight. How Does the Higher Self Communicate? If you’ve been dismissing those hunches and gut feelings, you might want to ask yourself why. Information that comes from the higher self is not necessarily picked up with the physical senses, but it’s no less valid! After all, you can’t physically perceive gravity, but obviously there’s something keeping you from floating away like a birthday balloon. Many of us are so used to believing that only what we perceive with our physical senses is real and we tend to ignore this hugely important aspect of ourselves – the energetic. It really helps to journal these weird messages because sometimes the answers become clear when you write about them. Sometimes you can hear voices; other times, you’ll receive images or strong urges to do – or not do – something. One ability you’ll develop as you become used to hearing your higher self is the ability to discern between the fear-based voice of the ego and the calm reassuring voice of your higher self, like your very best friend sitting beside you. Or you can imagine yourself surrounded by a warm, loving energy. Once you feel the presence of your higher self, you can ask questions about anything. The higher self does not judge or criticize. Be open to answers! Don’t forget they may come in a variety of delivery methods: words, feelings, images, things suddenly coming into your line of sight or anything that suddenly comes into your awareness… How do you tell the difference between a fear-based answer that your ego gives you and the voice of the higher self? How do you know that the answers aren’t just imagination, or something your mind made up to appease you? Here’s how: If you feel physical sensations of anxiety, tension, fear, anger, etc., you are talking to the ego. The ego creates its identity around pain. That’s what it knows. That’s what it’s comfortable with and that’s the language it understands. It wants to keep identifying with that negativity because then it has an identity. If you feel physical sensations of lightness, love, energy, happiness, etc., you are talking to the higher self. This immediate response is probably your higher self, bypassing the programming of the mind. If you were to give yourself time to analyze your question, believe me, the ego would start chiming in with its usual negative chatter! Another method is to journal. You can ask questions and write or type your first, immediate gut-reaction answers. Then go back and re-read them with an awareness of your physical and emotional response, you’ll see right away if your answer came from the ego or the higher self.”

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