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What’s meant for me will be

I agree that consistency and dedication pays off, but the “leaving no stone unturned attitude”.... DOES NOT MEAN THAT EVERY STONE TURNED IS MEANT FOR YOU! Be grateful for the doors that remain shut as they are indicators from the universe to redirect you to open the doors that are meant to be opened. (Or maybe it isn’t the right time to open that particular door as you aren’t ready yet) It is admirable to diligently focus your energies towards your goals but then ENJOY THE PROCESS, DO NOT TAKE REJECTION OR A CLOSED DOOR AS A SIGN OF FAILURE! Instead, See closed doors as opportunities to: 1, Practice self love. Don’t let people take away your confidence or self belief . Know that you deserve love and success. So learn to nurture your inner child, like a mother nurtures her child. 2, Sharpen your intuition to know what opportunities feel right for you and what doesn’t. (Meditation/channelling helps) 3, Work on yourself and sharpen your skills. 4, And most importantly learn to surrender with faith by learning how to FLOW! If you are already doing all of the above and are already focused and dedicated towards your goals - then please learn that God and the universe knew that these shut doors would not have given you the happiness or the satisfaction that you were looking for at that point of time! So instead of wasting all your energy overanalysing - trying to understand why the door remained shut, please surrender with faith and focus your energies towards bettering yourself and recentering yourself. Meditation/ Working out/ Being in nature / music / inspirational videos or books can all help in recentering your energies, so that you EFFORTLESSLY FLOW TOWARDS WHAT IS MEANT FOR YOU . What is meant for you will always be in sync with what feels right energetically within you. So isn’t it then more important to align yourself with your instincts and your higher self to know what feels right and what feels wrong energetically within you? So please stop belittling yourself or trying to be someone else, stop letting society tell you what’s right or wrong for you- only you can know that! The truth is that Being in alignment with your higher self and embracing your uniqueness is the only way to reveal the blueprint to your destiny. Love light and blessings Anjali To book a session with me to learn how to align with your higher self pls email me :

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