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Higher self (HS) vs Ego (lower self )

So which voice are you listening to? 1, Are you giving into laziness/ procrastination? Always postponing your to do list and important habits for another day and then keep complaining about why the universes isn’t giving you what you want ? That’s the perfect example of your Ego ( lower self) that makes excuses for your bad habits or focuses on why you aren’t good enough to achieve what you want. 2, Are you your biggest critic ? Always striving for perfection or always thinking that you will never be good enough. If you receive 2 compliments your Ego will still keep repeating that one negative comment you received in your head, completely ignoring the 2 compliments you received . 3, Do you see the good along with the bad in others even when things fall apart ? Or do you Judge others for their mistakes, not realizing that we are all one , we may have made similar mistakes at some point but it’s easier to blame other people for their wrong doings instead of focusing on what you are doing wrong . Disclaimer: I am not asking you to keep accepting bad behaviour from other people. I am just asking you to realize that there is good and bad in everyone. We attract people situations from our previous karma to teach us to be better or stronger but that requires you to take the help of your higher self to be able to understand what energy inside of you has attracted that situation or person to you in the first place. Then decide whether you can continue seeing the good in that person while they improve on the bad or is it a lesson for you to be strong enough to balance your karma and improve on your mistakes and have the strength to leave an unhealthy relationship (while still praying for them to realise their mistakes to become a better person some day) 4, Is your glass always half empty or half full? Your Ego is mostly a pessimist (seeing most situations / people as being negative while your higher self is grateful for the hidden blessing in every situation whether good or bad) 5, Do you practice gratitude on a daily basis for all your blessings (higher self ) or do you take all your blessings for granted (Ego) 6, Are you filled with hope, faith and focus on a daily basis (higher self ) or are you filled with fear and negativity about your present past and future ? (Ego) 7, Are you able to process your anger and sadness to understand how to become calm centered and wiser from your experience (higher self ) or do you keep replaying the negative emotions and situations, making your self a helpless victim in every situation? (Ego) 8, Do you eat healthy/ avoid negative habits/ workout / live a balanced life / spend time with loved ones / take daily action towards your dreams and goals (higher self) or do you blame your sadness, other people and situations to keep making excuses for not being able to fulfill your daily goals and continue indulging in negative habits ? (Ego) 9, Do you help people to embrace their higher self and believe in their dreams by following it up with dedication and focus (higher self) or do you enjoy being superior and correcting people in a very critical rude way that brings down their self belief and you think you are helping them by telling them the truth ? (Ego) 10, Are your actions filled with awareness where you are not harming your own karma by indulging in lies/betrayal (higher self) or are ignoring your values and ethics for monetary or selfish gain? (Ego) As you can see from the above examples the Ego often tries to survive selfishly without thinking about what is right or wrong. Such behaviour made sense during ancient days when we had to learn how to survive in caves , protecting ourselves from other tribes and animals with the fight or flight response . The Ego thinks it’s doing its job protecting you and feeding you above everyone else, ensuring the survival of the fittest. But humanity has evolved so much since the caveman days, and we are gifted with so much awareness that now separates us from the “animalistic survival instinct. We have the potential to not only survive but thrive without harming others around us . That is the whole point of reincarnation, karma and ascension - to become our higher selves, tapping into our highest potential, fulfilling our dreams and being able to encourage others to fulfill their dreams, together filling in those missing pieces that fit together in this jig saw puzzle called life . Wars between clans /countries and massive industrialisation has harmed our planet, which has eventually back fired on us....making us realize that we need each other’s skills and resources to not only survive but thrive ! So the choice is yours - are you going to continue acting from your Ego or are you going to become your higher self, become the captain of your ship and command your thoughts, emotions and ego to follow your higher self? So that you can stay calm and focused enough to fulfil your dreams with daily discipline and positive action? Or Are you going to spend yet another day fighting, judging, bitching and hating yourself and others ? Not having enough energy left to focus on your highest potential and your life goals ? Whatever you choose each day will eventually add up to form your entire life - so choose wisely ! To book a session to learn how to become your higher self pls email me theascensionhealer@gmail.com Love light and blessings Anjali Theascensionhealer.com


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