• Anjali Lavania

Are you ignoring your Spiritual Fitness?

Updated: Mar 8

Spiritual exercise keeps your mind in shape the way physical exercise keeps your body in shape. I have had someone ask me to teach them a shorter 10 minute version of the chakra healing meditation. The current version ranges from 25-30 minutes as the idea is to not rush the process but to allow oneself to relax and breathe in positivity and light. So I asked him how much time do you spend working out in a day? The answer was 45 -90 minutes a day! So then I asked him why do you spend 45 minutes to 90 minutes working out and I was told that one can’t develop toned muscles with just 10 minutes a day that the body needs a proper workout. So then I asked him; “Isn’t it interesting, that you are willing to put aside 45-90 minutes a day for your body to develop toned muscles but you think 10 minutes a day, is enough for you to attain peace and clarity of Mind?” “Is 10 minutes enough to clear each chakra that has accumulated any pain/ stress and toxins from negative thinking or negativity from your environment?” “Do you have any idea how many thoughts you think in a day and how many of those thoughts are filled with fear, judgement, irritation or sadness?” “Do you Really believe that 10 minutes a day is enough to tone your spiritual muscles to stay calm, centered and focused towards your goals?” He looked at me and gave me a sheepish smile. He thanked me for shedding light onto his socially conditioned mind and promised to dedicate adequate time and energy towards his spiritual muscles . Are you spending enough time and energy on your body, mind and soul - Equally? Body - workout / connect with nature / get your dose of sunshine / eat healthy / diy home remedies for skin and hair treatments. Soul - meditate / breathing exercises / chant aum / practice affirmations (eg: I am always divinely guided and blessed) Practice gratitude and kindness / be your higher self Mind - make daily to do lists and finish them / spend atleast an hour indulging in some form of creativity or project / use visualization techniques every morning to complete important goals / find the blessings in every situation whether good or bad. Love light and blessings Anjali Theascensionhealer.com To book a session email theascensionhealer@gmail.com


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