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Think for yourself - stop being brainwashed

The truth always exists within us from the beginning - our instincts can tell whether someone is really telling us the truth when we hear it or whether we are actually reading the real truth in newspapers / books . But this will be tough if we try to process information with just our minds as it is already crowded with beliefs and dogma that has been forced upon us by society (news channels/ priests etc) That is why by quietening our minds- our hearts can finally guide us to the truth. The truth will always resonate with us in our hearts and will feel right as it flows through our body freely and lovingly with any tension. Eg: When I was in school While looking at the world 🌎 map 🗺 it seemed to me like all the continents were first united together as one land mass as they looked like broken pieces that fit together but have been distanced from each other. So when I brought this up in class I was asked to just focus on what was being taught as it wasn’t part of the syllabus. So instead of blindly listening to my teachers limited beliefs based on what she had parroted from the school syllabus I followed my instinct and eventually researched all of this on my own and found out that actually The Pangea Theory is based on the evidence of continental drift, and also fossil evidence which links the species which lived on continents that were joined at one time. For example, it is known that the fossils of South America and Africa have a recent common ancestry. Cynognathus is an extinct mammal-like reptile. The name literally means ‘dog jaw’. Cynognathus was as large as a modern wolf and lived during the early to mid Triassic period (250 to 240 million years ago). It is found as fossils only in South Africa and South America. This is evidence that these two land masses once shared a direct connection when their coastlines were joined- forming a single landmass. Similarly, topics related to racism as well as homophobia being advocated in so many religions always made me question the origin of such dogma / beliefs . After all, how can God choose to love one race more than the other and why would God love a heterosexual more than a homosexual if he has created them that way to begin with ? It’s time to stop blindly accepting what has been taught to us - stop being brainwashed your research and let only the truth resonate with you. I suggest we first learn to empty our minds of beliefs that separate humanity in any way. The internet is filled with all kinds of articles it’s up to you to put in the energy to research both sides of an argument and let your higher self guide you to understand what feels right and what feels wrong. I specialise in teaching my clients various methods of correcting wrong belief systems that no longer resonate with your inner truth. To book a session email Below I have found an excellent article related to freeing oneself from social conditioning. Love light and blessings Anjali

Breaking the Shackles of Social Conditioning BY SOFO ARCHON What does a hooligan, a kamikaze, and a racist have in common? They all don’t use their brain. What I mean by “they don’t use their brain” is that they don’t think — or, to be more precise, they don’t think critically. In fact, most people are no different when it comes to this. Sure, we all have our thoughts, and over the years have formed certain opinions. But how many of those opinions are merely beliefs resulting from social conditioning, and how many of them are based on our own understanding? And, of course, we know a lot of things, but how much of our knowledge comes from personal experience, and how much from parrot-like learning? Take school, for example — an institution that supposedly helps children develop their intellect yet does quite the opposite. School forces children to stay confined in a classroom for about 8 hours almost every single day for a total of (more or less) 12 years, where they are learning things they don’t enjoy learning, being forced to obey to authority figures, having to unquestionably accept what they’re being taught, not being allowed the freedom to do anything on their own without asking for permission first (even to go to pee). As Pink Floyd would say, school conditions children to become “another brick in the wall” I know, I’m generalizing here, since not all schools are the same. But the reality is that in most parts of the world school isn’t a place where critical thinking is stimulated — on the contrary, it is suppressed or simply ignored. Naturally, it becomes weak, exactly like a muscle does when pressure isn’t exerted upon it. Observe people around you and you might come to see the consequences of our educational system. They are living unconsciously, not knowing why they think and behave the way they do. They accept and act without second thought on what the media is presenting them as the truth. They believe in and follow the religious dogmas without having any solid evidence supporting their beliefs. They wholeheartedly support political leaders and obey to the decisions they make without the slight resistance. As a result of our social conditioning, corporations exploit our emotional insecurities so they can sell us their products and services, making us compete with our fellow human beings about who has more stuff. So-called journalists are selling us lies by utilizing propaganda tactics through the mainstream media, turning us into mindless puppets. Priests and religious teachers of all sorts gain power by selling us heaven in the afterlife, dividing us into in-groups and out-groups that fight against one another in the name of god. Politicians gain power by selling us heaven on Earth, also splitting us into opposing groups that fight against each other in the name of ideology. If we are truly willing to change our way of living for the benefit of ourselves and the world, we need to develop the courage to escape the herd mentality and start thinking for ourselves. Of course, that’s easier said than done, since our social conditioning has gone very deep and is affecting us in ways we can’t even recognize. Here are some basic practical steps you can take right now: Question your beliefs, no matter how much you cherish them that you unconsciously took on from your parents, teachers, and culture. That’s because beliefs can bring all kinds of limitations in life, such us irrational fear and the sense of having to live according to what’s right for someone else but not for you. “Where did this belief come from?” “Is there any logical reason for holding it?” “Is it limiting myself in any way or is it elevating the quality of my life?” Take, for example, religious beliefs. – “What is the logical basis for holding these beliefs?” – “Did I reach to them using critical thinking, or did I just accept them as truth merely because I was indoctrinated from my early education?” – “Are they serving my happiness or are they contributing to my suffering?” These are some very important questions that you need to ask about any beliefs that you might hold in dear faith, whether they’re concerning religion, philosophy, politics, economics, or other field of knowledge. By doing so, you’ll decondition yourself from negative social programming, which will allow you to grow in understanding, take in emerging information and make wiser choices. In addition, you’ll be able to better understand others’ beliefs without judging them based on a fixed mind-set. Never be afraid to question your beliefs. To doubt what you think you know is a sign of intelligence, and only those who are courageous enough to do so can break free from the shackles of social conditioning and walk on the path of wisdom. For most of us, it has become a habit to have others tell us what to think and how to behave. To be responsible for your life can be troublesome, because you have to use your mind a lot, take important decisions and face failure when you make the wrong choices. To avoid that, most of us choose to let other people — such as politicians and religious leaders — do those things for us, as if they are our saviors. If you want to escape the matrix of social conditioning and reclaim your freedom, you need to stop letting others control you like a mindless automaton and instead start being responsible for your actions. Seek truth, regardless of how arduous that might be. We need to seek truth by doing research. If you’re a lover of wisdom, you’ll need to actively search for truth, no matter how difficult that might be. You’ll need to think a lot and educate yourself. You’ll need to read books, watch documentaries, listen to talks, take part in discussions, or use any other tools that can assist you in your journey to expanding your understanding of reality. Lastly yet most importantly, you’ll need to be ready to accept the truth when you encounter it, no matter if it contradicts your long-held beliefs. This way you’ll be able to better understand yourself and the world you live in, as well as to take responsibility for your life, without being easily fooled, exploited or manipulated by power-hungry individuals who care about nothing but their personal gain.

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