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The Sky is not the limit - Your mind is !

1, What you Experience - MAKES YOU THINK • We mostly have a choice on what sort of experiences we agree to participate in. (parties/ meetings / job opportunities/ travel destinations/ what we watch / where we eat/ who we meet/ what we speak / what we read) • So it’s important to choose healthier experiences to benefit our growth ....But we don’t necessarily know- EXACTLY how these experiences will unfold and what opportunities those experiences will lead to. • Sometimes things happen that are way beyond our control . After all the whole point of life is to cherish the good experiences and learn from the bad experiences. • So when one is faced with a bad experience or a good experience turned bad - HOW WE PROCESS SUCH EXPERIENCES WITH POSITIVE THOUGHTS & AFFIRMATIONS VS THINKING NEGATIVELY MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE! Eg: Instead of thinking why is this happening to me - THINK WHY IS THIS HAPPENING FOR ME. What can I learn from this or what is this teaching me to become better / stronger / calmer / wiser . • “I trust and love my present now! I am always divinely guided and blessed! “ Is an excellent affirmation to remind yourself to find the hidden blessings even in a bad experience. It helps you flip your perspective to understand how even a bad experience can help you become wiser. • Daily meditation helps people to connect with their higher self, so that when life gets tough - you can use affirmations to remind yourself to consult your higher self to help you think calmly/positively and find solutions to heal yourself. 2, What you Think - MAKES YOU FEEL • So once you start learning how to change your perspective from why is this happening to me to WHY IS THIS HAPPENING FOR ME .... you start thinking positively about all your experiences and it helps you heal fear/ anger with more positive solutions & FEELINGS . • You will feel better/ calmer / more productive and maybe even feel successful when you realize you have just turned the lemons life gave you into lemonade. 3, What you Feel - MAKES YOU BELIEVE • Once you keep practising the above techniques you will start turning every opportunity whether good or bad into a blessing by learn how to nurture yourself. • This will help you feel calmer and more confident about yourself and your outlook on life. • POSITIVELY affecting your SELF BELIEF and at the same time strengthening your belief that god / universe always wants the best for you and every situation is helping you to become the best you can be. 4, What you Believe - MAKES YOU BEHAVE • This belief in thinking calmly and positively will make you BEHAVE more calmly even during tense situations. • When you behave more calmly instead of reacting with fear/ anger - you avoid making a situation go from bad to worse. • Instead you give yourself the opportunity to develop the habit of taking a step back to understand the situation with the help of your calm loving higher self. 5, How you Behave - BECOMES YOU! • Every time you practice being your higher self in every situation not only do you diffuse a negative situation but you start becoming your higher self . • Your higher self is your inner mentor who is unlimited, eternal, wise, calm & supportive It’s the part of you that guides you with intuition and teaches you through insight. 6, SO CHOOSE YOUR THOUGHTS WISELY! Even if we can’t control our every experience - we can definitely control our reactions to each experience with our positive and centered thoughts /feelings by conversing with our higher self to heal ourselves. With practice, This results in a more centered way of behaving that will make us break away from negative habits / patterns to unlock the greatness inside of us, making us become OUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL- THE HIGHER SELF! Love light and blessings Anjali To book a session/ workshop pls email

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