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Living in the Now!

Don’t stress on the could haves if it should have - it would have.... Instead take deep breaths and reconnect yourself to this now moment. Calm yourself and LEARN WHAT WAS MISSING in your preparation for what could have been - then ENJOY improving yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. Be better prepared so that your next could have becomes “I HAVE!” Please realize, Surrendering or Letting go is not about giving up and being lazy. Neither is it about Over obsessing and stressing your self out - “About what could have been.” Surrendering is all about ENJOYING EVERY MOMENT ALONG THE JOURNEY TOWARDS YOUR GOAL. ENJOY your preparations whether improving on your skills, your attitude, your confidence, your relationships, your network, your health, your diet, your connection to your higher self, your intuition etc. Because when you truly enjoy each moment, your happiness is not focused on a loss or a win. Your happiness is focused on the journey towards becoming your best . Everything happens in Divine timing so you might as well enjoy the journey and be prepared to the best of your ability. The magic is in every now moment whether you came first , third or last. How you use this now moment will lead to your next now moment and the next now moment that will all add up to form this journey called life. We can’t change our past or suddenly jump into the future, so it’s a waste of this now moment to stress over the past or stress about the future. So please instead, use this now moment to perceive the magic, the opportunity and the wisdom of living in the now to the best of your ability - cause GIVING OUR BEST in every now moment is the only thing we can truly control. And in my experience so far, the WISEST way to ensure I am giving my best in every now moment is to be my higher self in every now moment. When I am my higher self in every now moment, I know how to calm myself when I feel stressed, I know how to refocus my energies from being stressed to being calm . Most importantly, I know how to recenter myself even when the situation I am in is beyond my control. This simple act of calming and recentering myself - helps me to focus on the wisdom and opportunities (the hidden blessings ) behind every situation whether good or bad. Which then helps me to take the right action in every now moment to the best of my ability . And the only reason I am able to be my higher self in every now moment to the best of my ability, is by preparing myself, BY MAKING TIME on a daily basis to engage in my daily meditation/ chakra healing practice - where I connect with my higher self. You see, Daily meditation/ chakra healing is like going to the gym or working out every day, it gives you more stamina to deal with physically strenuous activities if required in your daily life. I am not saying I am my higher self 24/7 but with practice, over time I know that every moment in every way I am becoming more and more calm centered and focused on every now moment. To learn a daily practice to connect with your higher self . Please email Love light and blessings Anjali

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