Find the Message in the Mess!

1, When you feel sad/ lost/ irritated / unworthy / angry ....these emotions and feelings are trying to give you a message. 2, But you won’t be able to understand that message when you are still angry or sad. 3, You need to first neutralize your energy - so deep breathing / walking barefoot in nature / listening to music or something inspirational will help you feel calmer by STAYING PRESENT IN THE NOW AND GROUNDING YOURSELF. 4, Then in that calm state focus away from negativity by focusing on 3 things you are grateful for & 3 things you love about yourself. 5, When you feel gratitude / love - you start vibrating on a higher state of being . 6, Einstein said No problem can be solved from the same vibration it was created it - so refocus with the above steps. 7, Now that you are calm connect with your higher self and understand what MESSAGE is coming from the MESS! (To learn how to connect with your higher self email me thesscensionhealer@gmail.com) 8, Anger is mostly showing you that a boundary has been crossed / feeling lost means that you are disconnected from your higher self & unworthiness is showing you that you need to love and appreciate yourself. 9, So understand the message from the mess from a calmer state of being and then solve the problem by acting on the message / solution given by your higher self. (Your higher self is your wise calm loving self) Love light and blessings Anjali Theascensionhealer.com


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