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Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships.

Are you in a healthy relationship? We have all kinds of relationships in our life (friends / romantic partner / spouse / colleagues / boss / employees / parents / children / business partner) Are any of these relationships unhealthy ? A healthy relationship is when two people come together to form a connection with mutual respect of each other’s rights, feelings and wishes. Even if you are someone’s boss you need that person working for you as much as they need to work for you - it’s based on mutual exchange of energy . So why do we allow people to take advantage of us ? Just focusing on making Money or avoiding loneliness is not good enough reason to subject yourself to any form of physical / verbal abuse / manipulation/ lies / threats / insults/ threats. You can always find employment in a healthier work environment unless you believe that you aren’t good enough and in that case - the real problem is healing your self worth and learning skills to better your self. Some people use emotional blackmail to achieve what they want and until you form healthy boundaries - they will walk all over you. Some people keep you dangling saying just the right amount to keep you in their lives without giving you the respect you need. If faced with an unhealthy relationship- you must understand that no one is allowed to lower your self morale in any way. Embrace your self worth - either BOTH OF YOU work towards healing the relationship together ( it can’t be one sided effort ) OR you must gather the courage to WALK AWAY. You might have spent years with that person out of loyalty but why are you sacrificing yourself - No one is worth constant mental torture not even family members who refuse to respect you ! If you don’t stand up for your rights - who will? When you finally decide you will not allow yourself to be in an unhealthy relationship even if you are dependent on that person - the universe will guide you to a healthier environment. Please email me to learn how to heal your traumas and to embrace your self worth with self love

Love light and blessings Anjali

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