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If You Argue with a Fool - that proves there are Two!

There is no point wasting your energy arguing with a fool because if you continue arguing with a fool - that proves they are TWO! Note: not meant to display superiority by calling everyone fools...a fool in this context is anyone who blindly keeps arguing to defend their point of view just to prove they are right without trying to understand the other person. We all have our unique journeys & experiences in life. We are meant to have our own opinions and perspectives - not be clones / copies of each other. Yes in the bigger picture there are ethics / values of what is right and wrong but if people don’t understand that or aren’t willing to look beyond their limited perspective- THERE IS NO POINT TRYING TO BANG YOUR HEAD AGAINST A WALL. As long as you know what is right or wrong in your heart for your journey. ( It’s important to really look within and not let your ego fool you into thinking you are right - let your higher self guide you to the truth in your heart ) If you were able to listen to the other person/ to understand their point of view but the other person wants to continue arguing without listening to your view - because they are stubborn and not willing to understand the bigger perspective- LET IT GO. Either these people are: 1, In your life to teach you life lessons of self love, patience and being centered. 2, You are meant to learn to have the courage to walk away from negativity. 3, You both are meant to learn to find a third way - a combination of both your energies - a win win solution that is more beneficial than each of your individual perspectives (but this is only possible if the other person wants to find a third way) Again this choice can only be made from your own unique perspective based on your connection with them and your goals in life . MY BIGGEST ADVICE is to not waste energy trying to convince people that you are right - when they are not ready to even listen to anything you say - Instead Practice what you preach and focus all your energies on creating your life goals that are in sync with your higher self - those who are meant to be in your life will always be attracted to your higher self. Love light and blessings Anjali To learn how to connect with your wise and calm higher self email

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