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  • Anjali Lavania

Don't Let Overly Critical People Stop You From Achieving Your Dreams.

It's really sad but sometimes people who haven't been able to achieve their own dreams and have given up on themselves - are often the ones who criticize & ridicule other people for following their dreams in their own way.

So they think they are doing others a favour by discouraging them from following their dreams. They will often say stuff like "live in the real world" , "Don't set your dreams too high" or "You will never achieve anything."

Overly critical people are actually, indirectly expressing their own lack of self belief and have developed a habit of blaming outside circumstances / people /situations to make excuses for not being able to achieve what they wanted or have learnt to repeat this toxic behaviour after dealing with overly critical authority figures from their past.

Sometimes, the people closest to us, like our own parents have been through so much difficulty they want their kids to take the safe road to a secure future - while this might be well intentioned & coming from love - they don't realize that they might be destroying their children's self belief and motivation to succeed by following their unique talents.

Instead of getting upset & feeling like a victim - understand where critical people are coming from and re- direct your focus inwards to heal any pain that may arise from close loved ones not believing in your dreams.

Chakra healing / Ascension Healing is a great tool to heal such emotional pain from the energy body and redirect our focus back to making our dreams a reality with dedication and discipline.

We do not want to carry any heavy emotional pain in our body as that subconsciously makes us prone to bad habits like binge drinking alcohol/ binge eating etc that distracts us from achieving what we truly want.

Love light & Blessings


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