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Self love requires Discipline

You want a toned body - you need DISCIPLINE! You want to eat right - you need DISCIPLINE! You want success - you need DISCIPLINE! You want true love - you need DISCIPLINE! YOU NEED DISCIPLINE TO SAY NO TO ALL TEMPORARY GUILTY PLEASURES FOR BIGGER REWARDS TO COME! I absolutely believe that when you love yourself enough to know “that you deserve the bigger rewards “- you will put in the discipline required to follow your daily routine towards achieving your goals! But at same time that discipline should make you feel good, focused and satisfied that you have given your best each day. You should enjoy being disciplined and understand that each disciplined step is taking you closer to your dreams - towards your goals. But if you see discipline as something forced as a must do with no daily reward or satisfaction - you won’t be able to muster the energy to fulfil your daily goals that add up towards your bigger goals. So it’s all about feeling good every day. The kind of good that doesn’t involve guilt and makes you feel centered. And if you do slip up - instead of feeling guilty and completely giving up - forgive yourself and learn from it - then resolve to proceed with discipline again. Don’t go into the whole - ok I ate one brownie so what the hell - I might as well eat the whole cake 🤦‍♀️ If you ate the brownie and it made you feel guilty - then stop - pause (walk away slowly from the cake 😂) - realize you are getting tempted and that you are looking down at a slippery slope of temptation - then quickly focus back on your goal. (Look at a visual reminder of your goal) Visual reminders of your goals like vision boards / screen savers in your room / office / phone / laptop - really help during such moments of temptation. We all deserve good health/ success / true love and being fit etc - but do you love yourself enough to consistently say No to distractions & temptations. Now that’s where your true power lies in your daily dedication and discipline. And if you can’t seem to love yourself enough to be disciplined- take the steps to heal yourself with ascension healing /chakra healing. To book a session email Love light and blessings Anjali Upcoming Workshop pls email for more details #lifequotes #lifecoach #discipline #focus #selflove #determination #dedication #goals #dailyroutine #dailygoals #guiltypleasure #quotesaboutlife #motivationalquotes #motivation #mumbai #lightworker #ascension #ascensionhealing #theascensionhealer

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