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  • Anjali Lavania

Will power is a Muscle that needs to be strengthened with consistency.

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

PROCRASTINATION = "I will do it later" Syndrome many of you have important life goals that you keep postponing for another day?

STOP making excuses on why you can't do it now & START finding reasons to ENJOY what you need to do to thrive !

Will power is The capacity to override an unwanted thought, feeling or impulse SO THAT YOU CAN stick to MORE PRODUCTIVE HABITS to achieve your goals .

Will power is like a muscle that needs to be developed & strengthened with consistency.


So here is a list of action steps to help you stop procrastinating & start focusing on your daily goals:

1, FIRST you need to understand why you NEED TO CHANGE your habits. It's important to truly WANT to achieve your goal by writing down how it will benefit your life positively otherwise you won't be motivated enough to make the effort.

2, Use positive visual reminders ( benefits of achieving your goals) as your screensaver/ wallpaper to keep you motivated. Eg: Picture of a fit toned body or your dream apartment.

3, Accept your weaknesses, there is no point pretending you don't have a bad habit that is stopping you from achieving your goal. So that you stop making excuses for your bad habits & start doing something about changing it for the better.

4, How are you wasting your time? Identify possible distractions / temptations and then eliminate it from your environment - so you don't get easily tempted. E.g: Remove apps that distract you from your phone/ laptop. Give away the chocolates /cookies from your kitchen. If you are addicted to netflix - Unsubscribe netflix for the first 30 days of your new routine .

5, Come up with an action plan to practice a new habit on the same time each day to form a habit - so that it becomes automatic like brushing your teeth. Automation of habits is scientifically proven to reduce the amount of will power used - so that you have more will power for other activities through the day.

ALSO IT IS A PROVEN FACT THAT IF YOU ENJOY YOUR DAILY TASKS / HABITS - YOU WILL WANT TO ENGAGE IN THIS NEW HABIT MORE EAGERLY. So find a way to enjoy yourself by involving all your senses . Yoga is a great way of learning how to enjoy each now moment with complete awareness.

6, Start Simple 30 minutes – Don’t take on too much. If you wanted to write 2 hours day, first write for 30 minutes - then build on that. It's important to start simple to develop a habit - so that you feel like doing it each day without getting overwhelmed. Eg: It's less daunting to begin with 25 minutes of yoga each day than a full 90 minute yoga session each day.

7, Break it down into mini goals : Work backwards visualize achieving your goal and then OUTLINE all the action steps required to achieve the goal within a reasonable time frame. Then ensure these action steps are further broken down into achievable daily & weekly mini goals.

8, Monitor your weekly progress and come up with solutions for possible distractions and obstacles. Check if you are spending too much time, focus and energy on low-priority activities that leaves you with no energy for more important tasks .

9. Give yourself Daily / weekly / monthly rewards for achieving your goals . Eg: If I finish my daily routine today I can watch a nice movie . I can enjoy my favourite cheat meal if I work out the whole week. I can buy myself something nice after sticking to my routine for a month.

Use a visual calendar to mark each progress step towards daily / weekly / monthly rewards.

10, Don't let guilt make you give up on your goal because you missed a day or gave into temptation - instead accept you made a mistake and resolve to get back into your routine with even more determination the next day.

11, Get a Progress buddy who can check on you - maybe strike a deal where you can track each others progress and motivate each other.

12, Connect with mentors that you respect and ask them for advice/guidance to stay motivated and focused.

In their Research, Angela Duckworth and Martin Seligman found that self-discipline played a greater role in academic success than IQ. They observed that students who had greater self-control had better school attendance, better grades, and better test scores.

Will power is the higher self's innate energy that drives us to fulfil our divine mission.

It takes will power and discipline to do what is good for you and to live with integrity with your values

It takes will power to live consciously and not be triggered by your relationships.

I have personally witnessed how many people have benefitted from integrating with their higher self through ascension healing. They have stronger will power & better relationship skills, are less likely to abuse alcohol and other substances, suffer fewer mental health problems, and have better overall physical health.

Here are some Scientifically proven Methods to build Will Power:

1,Meditation = gym for the brain

rewires the prefrontal cortex that controls impulses.

2, Exercise is a habit that paves the way for other habits to form.

It helps you focus & elevates your mood.

3. Taking right actions consistently that help you fulfil your divine mission.

E.g: getting up on time, eating right, resisting junk food,

I know they say it feels good to be bad but from my experience - I know for a fact that there is no better feeling than enjoying a daily routine that is focused on fulfilling one's divine mission, as it gives more meaning, more purpose to each daily task in one's life - It's literally like being high on life!

Love light and blessings


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