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  • Anjali Lavania

Do You Still Believe in Yourself?

As children we feel invincible, believing that we can achieve anything we put our minds to, but as we grow older - why do we let age, money and others' opinions stop us from following our dreams?

Our individual life experiences make us who we are - Each of us have a unique combination of personality, talent & ideas that the universe needs, and that is exactly why we were created in the first place.

In our own unique way, we all fit together in this jigsaw puzzle called life .

Never let anyone convince you that you can't achieve your dreams or that your dreams are too big. Please realize, what worked for others won't necessarily work for you, and what works for you might not work for others.

We all have so much potential and we all are meant to excel in our own unique way but our current system is trying to socially condition us into submission - by controlling us with divide and rule tactics, and by making us feel inadequate, so that they can sell us all sorts of products to fill up that feeling of inadequacy.

So it's time we let go of herd mentality and find time to engage in a daily practice to listen to your higher self ( that wise and calming inner voice) that will guide you to make your dreams a reality.

We all have goals we want to achieve, and at the same time we all have emotional, physical and mental problems that block us from achieving these goals.


Let's Break this down. Believe meaning - accept that (something) is true, especially without proof. So by that definition, believing in yourself . Requires you to accept that your SELF IS TRUE WITHOUT PROOF!

What is the SELF? Who are we? Who is in charge of this body? What are we meant to accomplish in life? So many questions - one answer! Believe in your HIGHER self!

Your Higher Self is that wise energy that calms you down with the right perspective when you feel anxious ....That intuitive self that warns you to break while driving, saving your life in the nick of time! ....and that creative self that guides you when you are brainstorming for ideas.

There is no visible proof of this energy but then again we can't see the two most powerful energies that help us survive: gravity and air - we can only feel it. Similarly, your higher self may not be seen but it's reassuring love, support and guidance can be felt.

So whenever you find yourself feeling discouraged - the key is to never give up and to act on the solutions given by your higher self.

Your instincts, your gut feelings are like a compass that points you in the right direction, in this vast ocean called life.

Do not let the fear of failure block your flow - Each road block is a lesson to better yourself and to sharpen your skills. So perceive road blocks as an exciting challenge that will unwrap a hidden clue, taking you closer and closer towards your destination.

Life is always filled with so many confusing choices, distractions and problems - and that is why your number one goal should always be, "feeling centered - no matter what the situation is," so that you can make the right choices that will benefit you in the bigger picture.

Whether those situations may threaten your peace of mind or paralyse you with fear - being your higher self will give you the balance needed to help you stay focused and not get completely thrown off track.

It's during tough situations like these, when your higher self will help you stay afloat and not drown deeper into your problems, by guiding you how to process, heal and bounce back as efficiently as humanly possible, without losing focus on your life goals.

So in short, being your higher self is the mother of all goals, that gives birth to all your other life goals.

Even when the darkest clouds threaten to block out the light in your life - being your higher self will always be that one clear goal that will shine as bright as the sun, to bring you back to the light - just like how plants instinctively grow towards the sunlight.

Have you ever noticed, that even if they are brought indoors, all kinds of plants will bend and flex their way towards their clear source of nourishment - sunlight.

Similarly, when we focus on Being our higher self as our clear source of nourishment - we are always guaranteed to evolve and grow in meaningful ways towards our highest potential.

And the only way to focus on your higher self - is to quieten your overactive mind. So that you can step away from fear and let your higher self guide you back towards peace.

So the first step towards any goal is to learn how to quieten your overactive mind through meditation / ascension healing.

Each day brings in a plethora of new opportunities - with the help of Ascension Healing let go of doubt/ judgement from the past or worrying about the future .

For the present is a blessing , a gift to truly step up and make positive changes.

Each decision, each step adds up, leading you towards your unique stairway to heaven, right here on Earth!

So Keep learning , growing, shining - and you will fulfil what you are born to achieve.

Love Light and Blessings


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