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What are you feeding your body, mind and soul?

What are you feeding your body? Emotionally ? Mentally? Spiritually? Physically? How does one decide what’s good for them and what’s not good for them ? It’s simple - see how you FEEL after you engage in something. See how you feel after you watch certain shows, movies or even the you feel inspired ? Motivated ? ......or do you feel frightened? Helpless ? Powerless? The same applies for the books you read, the music you listen to, the people you interact with and the food you eat. Do you feel light, healthy, focused, energised or do you feel the opposite? You see, you emotions/your feelings show you exactly what feels good energetically and what doesn’t. Eating the right food, watching/ listening to motivational videos, exercising, calming oneself through meditation and chakra healing etc - all help in making us feel calm, centered and inspired that we operate from our highest potential. In various scientific studies; the feelings of peace, love, hope and harmony are correlated to good health, while feelings of stress, worry, anxiety and fear are all correlated to bad health. So then isn’t it important to be aware what we feed our mind, body and soul? Don’t allow peer pressure/ social conditioning to force you to blindly engage in activities that aren’t good for you . Start thinking for yourself. Yes, sometimes we are forced to interact with negative people and that teaches us a lot but whenever you do have a choice to stop filling your body with negative energy - please choose what’s good for you. Isn’t there enough, terror/ violence / fear already in life - why should we voluntarily add more negativity into our lives, when we can instead focus on feeding our bodies with positive energy. Your lifestyle, your choices - all lead to a healthier, happier more productive you. The only way to make a difference in other people’s lives is to first ensure you are calm and centered. You know how they say, first put the oxygen mask on yourself first before you help any Children around you. Similarly, ensuring that you are first your calm and centered higher self - is the only way to inspire others to achieve the same. Change begins with you! Love light and blessings Anjali Email: 

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