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Success is an attitude of giving your best even if shit hits the roof!

It’s time we celebrate important SUCCESSFUL MILESTONES that isn’t just related to monetary success. We need to celebrate all those important milestones that represent our daily success stories like: 1, Staying calm and centered when faced with disagreeable situations. 2, Understanding the important lessons each situation teaches us whether good or bad. 3, Finishing our daily mind body and soul routine that helps us stay calm centered and focused on our daily goals. 4, Loving ourselves and believing in ourselves even when we face failure by knowing that failure is teaching us what’s needed to get closer to our goals. 5, Success is also appreciating our family, true friends by truly valuing these important relationships in our lives by being there for them in their time of need. 6, Learning how and when to balance self love and compassion for others to achieve a win win situation. 7, Success is Rising above hatred by learning that forgiveness is freeing oneself from the prison of hatred. 8, Success can also be letting go of codependent toxic relationships when we realise that forgiveness doesn’t mean allowing continued bad behaviour. 9, Success is sleeping with a clear conscience knowing that life is so much more than losing one’s integrity and peace of mind by blindly chasing after money, fame and power. 10, Success is also giving your time and energy to help a worthy cause even if no one else notices your efforts. 11, Success is loving yourself and appreciating yourself with or without outside validation. It’s time we learn how to develop our true potential even if no one else believes it or supports it. If we all began to count our daily success stories - we would all feel so blessed and satisfied with our daily progress . It’s time we change our perspective on how to measure success and that itself will change the trajectory of how we shape our lives and how peacefully we sleep each night. Love light and blessings Anjali To book a session pls email #lifequotes #lifecoach #theascensionhealer #quotesaboutlife #quotesdaily #lifelessons #success #successquotes #mumbai #lightworker #ascension 

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