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Is your glass half full or half empty?

Do you spend most of your thoughts and energy on any of these topics? How life has been unfair to you? How your ex broke your heart and destroyed you? How terrible your childhood was? How awful your boss is? How unfit and unhealthy you feel due to procrastination? How unproductive and lazy you are? How much you hate your current job? How guilty you feel about your past mistakes? As human beings we have the tendency of replaying negative thoughts in our head - we keep spending our precious time and energy stuck in negative thoughts and end up not finding enough time to process these negative thoughts and past traumas. Only when we process these negative thoughts can we heal and move on by learning the lesson learnt from it. If your glass is half empty - all of those above questions have made you feel like a victim, powerless and hurt. But, if your glass if half full, you have probably put in the energy to find the hidden blessings in all of these above situations to heal your inner child and reconnect with your inner power - so that every situation whether good or bad has become a catalyst to make you stronger and wiser. In short - if you lost something or someone but you found yourself - YOU WON! Ascension Healing helps you to heal and let go negative thoughts that demoralize you in any way. Ascension Healing teaches you how to value yourself and have healthy boundaries - so that you begin to respect and love yourself by following your dreams and your passion through self love and dedication. If most of your thoughts are stuck in negativity - you probably won’t have enough energy left to focus on your goals and ambitions - which then causes you to give into various addictions like binge drinking and binge eating. So for 2020, the new decade First learn to love yourself and heal all the pain that has been accumulated in your energy body due to painful memories. Mend your heart with self love. To learn the 10 step program to heal and become your higher self to achieve your goals through ascension healing, please email me to book a session Special New year Offer = 10% discount for 10 sessions. Love light and blessings Anjali

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