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  • Anjali Lavania

Stop Counting your Problems - Start Counting your Blessings - Even if it Starts as a Problem.

We live in a society that focuses on how much money we need to make to afford a decent lifestyle and how many products we need to buy to feel better about the way we look.

The focus is mostly on how we are never good enough - the focus is on how terrible the current state of the world is - with crime, politics, murder, wars, poverty and diseases.

No wonder we are constantly focused on how many problems we have and how unworthy we feel. This constant state of living in fear and feeling inadequate, makes us spend more and more money to buy stuff to feel better about ourselves and our lives. So what is the solution?


Most spiritual texts talk about focusing on improving our inner world of peace - by staying calm and centered.

No matter how many problems are thrown at us - We are supposed to focus only on the present and have faith, knowing that everything is unfolding just the way it’s meant to be. We are supposed to have faith that we are always taken care of - as long as we give our best.

Is this even possible? Aren’t we human? How can we stay calm and centered, amidst all our problems. Why should we have so much faith? Are our bills going to get paid with faith alone?

So I would like you to focus on something important today that will help you have more faith on this loving, unseen force that is taking care of us.,

When we were all in our mother’s womb - did we have any control on anything? Yet we were taken care of and brought safely into life. What unseen force was ensuring that we were taken care of, while we were in our mother’s womb?

The universe is like a Giant womb filled with love, light and blessings - the present moment is a present, a gift that reminds us of how miraculous each breath is.

As long as you give your best, by living a balanced life and working towards your passion - you will realise that within each one of us exists endless possibilities.

It is up to you to tap into your inner potential by simply following you passion. YOUR PASSION IS THAT INFLAMMABLE SPARK THAT WILL IGNITE THE WAY TO YOUR DESTINY!

So instead of focusing on the problems from your past or the anxiety that may come from the future - just give your best each day and everything will flow like it's meant to flow - To help you unleash your highest potential.

So, then in that case, each problem is actually an opportunity to find the hidden blessings that will help you unleash your highest potential:

1, The opportunity to become wiser and stronger through lessons learnt from solving the problem.

2, Sometimes, you gain an ally, mentor or friend when faced with a problem - as a problem might inspire you, to go out of your way, to approach a mentor to find solutions. Problems also help us realise who our true friends are.

3, Sometimes, we face problems to balance our karma - we are given an opportunity to correct our past misdeeds.

4, A problem can sometimes also be a road block sign from the universe - to help us find a better way to reach our goals.

5, A problem can also help us experience situations that help us understand different perspectives on life - by helping us understand what someone else might have gone through - it gives us an opportunity to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes.

6, Most importantly, a problem acts as a catalyst to unleash our potential to find solutions - by discovering our hidden talents.

So next time, you are faced with a problem, take deep breaths and see the problem as a blessing - as an opportunity to find hidden blessings like a treasure hunting game.

Love Light and Blessings


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