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6 Steps To Help You Stay Focused On Your New Year’s Resolutions.

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

new year’s resolutions that inspire

Problem: Every New Year we excitedly set new resolutions to achieve our goals... But as the days go by, different distractions pour into our lives - tempting us to stray away from our New Year’s Resolutions.

Each distraction is like a slippery slope, that tempts us to lose our focus - as we slip further away from our goals towards more and more distractions.

Before we know it - It’s the end of January and then February - And the whole year just seems to fly by without any concrete progress towards our goals.

And as we keep postponing our resolutions to another day - we begin to wonder if we will ever be able to accomplish our dreams?

Doubts inevitably start creeping into our minds and our self belief and our resolve to succeed gradually starts dwindling with each unproductive day - making us feel like our highest potential will always remain a dream.

So what’s the solution?

The solution to sticking to our New Year’s resolutions is to sharpen our ability to bounce back from feelings of negativity as quickly as possible - So that feelings of negativity don’t become an excuse to indulge in more and more distractions & addictions to make ourselves feel better.

For Example: If your resolution is to quit drinking alcohol and start working out more regularly - A bitter fight with a loved one can tempt you to distract yourself to help you forget all your worries - So you go to that wild party and you drink that one drink to make yourself feel better - Which then leads to more drinks and before you now it - You drink all night and wake up hungover the next day - Feeling too tired and defeated to muster up the energy to work out.

So you see - distracting yourself from sadness or other negative emotions with alcohol or binge eating or other addictions - is not a valid solution - as it will end up making you feel even more terrible.

Not only do you have to deal with the sadness of the bitter fight - Now you also have to deal with the guilt of breaking your resolution - which can then make you feel even more restless, scattered and low.

But don’t despair - within this moment right here, is where the magic exists - It’s that crucial turning point where we can alter our course towards a more positive outcome.

Within the present moment we have a choice to either continue distracting ourselves with more alcohol/ netflix/ binge eating...


We can stop ourselves from slipping down further towards addictions by immediately healing our thought process whenever we feel low.

Instead of thinking; “I am already feeling low today - So let me just distract myself and start my routine tomorrow.....”

Its important to use the present moment as a present to recenter ourselves - by taking immediate action to clear away any feelings of negativity in the present moment.

Remember: During tough times - It’s important to take immediate action to maintain a centered and focused state of being - So that we don’t get sucked into a downward spiral of further distractions & addictions.

The present moment is a precious gift - that allows us to use our will power in the present moment to heal feelings of negativity - so that we can take the steps needed to achieve our goals today - versus postponing it for another day, week or year!

when you see yourself flowing towards distractions and addictions hit the brakes by engaging in a motivational activity that inspires you to achieve your goals

6 Steps To Stay Focused On Your Goals:

Step 1: When you see yourself flowing towards distractions, procrastination, addictions, doubt and negativity - Hit the brakes and recenter yourself.

No matter how deep you have gone down the slippery slope of distractions - Step 1 IS TO ENGAGE IN A MOTIVATIONAL ACTIVITY that inspires you to heal feelings of negativity - so that you can refocus your energies towards your goals.

A, Snapping a rubber band around your wrist to remind you say an affirmation that keeps you focused on your goal.

Eg: “My present moment is a present & I choose to focus on my goal.”

Affirmations like these along with the gentle snapping of the rubber band around your wrist acts as a tool to snap you out of temptation every time you feel distracted. (Make sure the rubber band isn’t too tight or it will block your blood circulation)

B, Get a Progress buddy who you can call whenever you get tempted or distracted - Maybe strike a deal where you can track each others progress and motivate each other.

C, Go for a walk in nature / yoga / swim to reboot yourself with feel good endorphins.

D, Listen to music / motivational self hypnosis / ted talk to motivate yourself.

E, Use Sacred Mantras to Stop Yourself from engaging in negative behaviour.

Gayatri Mantra/ Hanuman Chalisa are both powerful mantras to remove fear doubt and negativity from our consciousness.

A lot of people including me also use The Violet Fire Mantra: “I am a being of Violet Fire - I am the purity god desires.”

ALOUD OR IN YOUR MIND - VISUALIZE A POWERFUL VIOLET FIRE FLOWING IN (Sacred Light From The Universe ) as it transmutes All Negativity Into Positivity Like Fire Boils Water Purify Into Steam.

When chanted - The Violet Fire TRANSMUTES ENERGIES To Higher Frequencies - It has the immense power to HEAL & BLESS THE ENTIRE PLANET AND EVERYONE/EVERYTHING IN IT.

It doesn’t harm anyone or anything - it only removes negativity from any thought, connection or situation.

Each time I chant the Hanuman Chalisa or the Violet Fire Mantra - I visualize myself being healed and protected and I visualize my fears completely evaporating away.

During difficult times - These powerful mantras not only help me heal any negativity from my mind - but they also help me refocus my energies towards my goals.

Note: It’s important to actively Visualize yourself being healed and it’s also important to truly believe in the Mantra itself - There is no point robotically chanting a mantra - It’s important to use your imagination to truly activate it’s power.

Our Body can’t tell the difference what’s real and imagined. That’s why we cry and laugh when we watch movies. Therefore it’s very important to use positive visualizations and positive mantras to positively rewire our brain.


violet fire mantra: chant I am a being of violet fire I am the purity god desires

Step 2: Now that you have stopped yourself from engaging in negative behaviour - it’s time to refocus your energies on what you do want - and why you want it!

Find at least 1 inspiring reason that truly motivates you to stick to your resolution.

You need to understand why you NEED TO CHANGE your habits to achieve your goals.

It's important to truly WANT to achieve your goal by writing down how it will benefit your life positively otherwise you won't be motivated enough to make the effort.

Make A Visual Reminder: For Example a Screensaver of your dream house/ dream body or dream travel destination can motivate you to continue your daily routine.

Step 3: Break down your main goal into steps that become mini goals for each day of the week.

Then choose a reward for the end of each day and each week that equals the energy you put into achieving your daily/ weekly goals.

For Example: Main Goal = Six pack abs

Weekly Goal = 6 days X 1 hour workouts

Weekly Reward: Favourite Meal or Treat on Day 7 after successfully working out for 6 days.

Daily Goal = 1 hour work out

Daily Reward: Watching Your favourite show for an hour.

It helps to have a daily, weekly and monthly to do list that you can tick as you achieve each goal - this can feel incredibly rewarding too.

Step 4: Visualise the next day’s routine the night before you sleep.

Imagine waking up and having a wonderfully balanced daily flow of mind, body and soul.

For Example: Imagine waking up with a your previous nights intention with a positive affirmation - Freshening up - Working out for 30 minutes - Showering - Engaging in a daily centering practice - Eating a healthy breakfast - Having a productive few hours as you focus on your goal before lunch and after lunch - Spending time with loved ones - Having a wonderful dinner - Rewarding yourself for a day well spent - Doing your Night Visualizations to set your intention for the next day - Sleeping Blissfully.

Step 5: Wake up each day with the visualization that you set the night before- This activates your subconscious mind to flow smoothly with the routine you imagined before you went to sleep. Then continue to flow through your day with all the steps you imagined.

Step 6: At the end of your day - Tick your accomplishments in your daily TO DO LIST and then enjoy your reward for that day.

Then repeat again - Visualise your goal for the next day and set your intention before you sleep.

Note: It’s important to maintain a regular sleep cycle - so your body forms a habit of sleeping and waking up at the same time.

6 steps to stay focused on your goals

10 Tips To Eliminate Distractions That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals:

1, Accept your weaknesses, there is no point pretending you don't have a bad habit that is stopping you from achieving your goal. This will help you to stop making excuses for your bad habits & start doing something about changing it for the better. 2, How are you wasting your time? Identify possible distractions / temptations and then eliminate it from your environment - so you don't get easily tempted. E.g: Remove apps that distract you from your phone/ laptop. Give away the chocolates /cookies from your kitchen. If you are addicted to netflix - Unsubscribe netflix for the first 30 days of your new routine . 3, Come up with an action plan to practice a new habit on the same time each day to form a habit - so that it becomes automatic like brushing your teeth. Automation of habits is scientifically proven to reduce the amount of will power used - so that you have more will power for other activities through the day. 4, Start Simple 30 minutes – Don’t take on too much. If you wanted to write 2 hours day, first write for 30 minutes - then build on that. It's important to start simple to develop a habit - so that you feel like doing it each day without getting overwhelmed.

Eg: It's less daunting to begin with 30 minutes of yoga each day than a full 90 minute yoga session each day. 5, Monitor your weekly progress and come up with solutions for possible distractions and obstacles. Check if you are spending too much time, focus and energy on low-priority activities that leaves you with no energy for more important tasks . 6, Don't let guilt make you give up on your goal because you missed a day or gave into temptation - instead accept you made a mistake and resolve to get back into your routine with even more determination the next day.

7, Celebrate your daily goals with rewards, but be careful that it’s not a doorway that tempts you back towards addictions. If you’re quitting netflix, try rewarding yourself with your favourite things besides netflix: maybe your favourite dish, hanging out with loved ones, or reading a book.

8, Put your phone on airplane mode during allotted time slots to focus on your goals.

9, To decrease procrastination - reduce the effort needed to engage in your goal.

For Example: If you want to practice yoga at 4 PM.

Lay out your yoga mat in advance - So that you just head to your mat versus mustering the energy to go find your yoga mat.

10, It is a proven fact that if you enjoy the task at hand - it inspires you to engage in daily tasks/ habits more happily.

So find a way to enjoy yourself by involving all your senses.

Yoga is a great way to learn how to enjoy each now moment with complete awareness.

If you have anything to add, I would love to read your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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