• Anjali Lavania

Are you Allowing Negativity to Sink your Dreams?

We Sail Across Life Towards our Dreams,

Like A Ship Sails Towards Land Across The Seas.

1, What are your dreams? What goals do you want to accomplish? Write it down.

But the deep blue sea can't sink a ship unless it floods the ship - Similarly, the world's negativity can't bring you down


2, What kind of negativity is blocking you from staying positive and focused towards your goals/ dreams?

Doubt? Worry? Anger? Resentment? Guilt? Holding on to the Past? Toxic Relationships? Alcohol? Junk Food? Negative Social Conditioning? Addictions?

So Stay Strong, Keep Believing, Have Faith - The Dreams that you Wish Will Come True.

3, Which activities, healthy habits and thoughts - should you be adding to your daily routine to stay positive and focused towards your goals/ dreams?

Faith, Hope, Love, Self belief, Eating Healthy, Meditation, Yoga, Exercise, Walking In Nature, Deep Breathing, Sunshine, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Singing, Music, Creativity?

I believe in you - start your positive daily routine today - don’t leave it for tomorrow.

If you need my help to chalk out a proper step by step plan to achieve your goals and to heal any negativity that may flood your mind - please email me theascensionhealer@gmail.com.

Love Light and Blessings




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