• Anjali Lavania


We all have baggage - we all have gone through hard times.

That's what life is about - learning important lessons from tough experiences and appreciating the good experiences.

So why do we pretend that we don't have baggage?

Why do we even ask each other? How are you doing?

If you aren't ready to understand whatever other people are going through - then at least stop judging them.

You never know who is close to the edge - so stay kind, stay warm - offer help when you instinctually feel someone might need it.

Also, please stop putting labels on people - divorce/ bankruptcy/ failure/ unemployment/ being unmarried / not having kids - is their choice - their lesson or their unfulfilled dream.

So please stop pressuring people or ignoring people coz they have baggage.

You never know when the same thing might happen to you.

So Instead, please learn how to process baggage by learning the hidden lessons that makes you wiser and stronger.

And please encourage other to look at their tough experiences as opportunities to find these hidden lessons that will make them wiser and stronger too.

Each experience whether good or bad is a blessing in disguise.

Be the change you seek.

Love, light and blessings.



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