• Anjali Lavania

Being Calm & Positive is a Super Power 💥

In a world filled with negativity...being calm and positive is a super power 💥

What if, the things that seem to hold you back are actually propelling you forward - just like a bow and arrow 🏹

All you need to then, is to Tap into your super powers now - in this current situation can you count blessings in your life ? Are you able to go deeper and even find the hidden blessings while you are stuck at home?

Didn’t you always wish for more time to sleep - to spend with your family - to try that new recipe - to learn yoga - to journal - to be creative - to watch movies with your family - to try those home beauty treatments - to figure out your passion - to follow your passion - to learn something new ..... Well....GUESS WHAT? ....your wish for more time has come true. 😇🧞‍♂️

If you need guidance to learn how to be more calm, centered and positive - please e-mail theascensionhealer@gmail.com to book online sessions .

I am also currently offering 3 session and ten session online classes depending on your needs. Each session is 2 hrs.

Love light and blessings



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