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Updated: Jun 1, 2021

“Herd mentality” serves as the mechanism responsible for shaping a crowd’s collective identity, based on the ability for a minority to influence the decision-making and actions of the majority.

They tell us what to think - what to fear - what to wear - what to eat - what to love - what to hate!

This kind of social conditioning can make us feel powerless and worthless.

And then big corporations make money from our negative self worth and stress by convincing us to buy stuff to regain our depleted self worth and health.

It's time we snap out of being controlled by mass media - especially negative media that seems to fill our hearts and minds with fear.

How come we don't have a good news channel that captures all the acts of kindness in the world?

Or a channel that teaches us how to stay calm and centered on a daily basis so that we can maximize each day and actually make a difference in this world ?

Are we robots?

We are meant to be highly evolved beings yet we cannot tell the difference between social conditioning and our own inner wisdom that guides us to the truth.

The internet is the most powerful tool gifted to humanity.

When we surf the internet, we have the choice of either following negative media that is controlling us through fear tactics ....or ....we can choose to follow life enhancing posts that fill us with hope.

There is so much useful information on the internet that can teach us how to free our minds from being enslaved by money, power and all the negative things that divide us.

We all have a very powerful inner compass that guides us to the truth - All we have to do is quieten our busy minds to listen to it.

It's time we follow the wise intuition our hearts give us.

The heart is the true Captain of the ship, the Captain that can steer our worries, fears, sorrow, pain, anxiety & stress back into calmer waters....But for that we need to train our minds to focus on what's working versus being paralysed by fear.

When we think for ourselves - the truth will always resonate within our hearts like a warm blanket on a cold winter's day.

Don't let them divide and rule us. We are all one. We all eat,  we all need a comfortable bed to sleep, we all need to be understood and loved…and we all want to excel in our chosen fields.

The truth is that we can all excel in our chosen fields and still live harmoniously together -As we are all intricate pieces of this jigsaw puzzle called life! We all need each other to thrive!

No matter how old or young you are - YOU SHOULD STILL FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS AND NEVER GIVE UP!

Change beings with you!

Love Light and blessings


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