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How To Change Bad Habits.

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

I want to be famous / rich / healthy / focused / fit / creative / more centered ……but I just don’t have the time! - Does this Sound Familiar?

But somehow, you have time to binge watch shows or stare at the ceiling for hours or play poker non stop / watch porn / shop online / check Instagram for hours or even binge drink?

How come we find time for unhealthy habits? But we never have time for our goals?

Every day procrastinating is another spent worrying about what we haven’t done which lowers are energy and makes us feel guilty.

I am not saying don’t have fun but having fun by completing ignoring your goals is like using your credit card for fun until you get the bill.

Every day, we need to live a balanced life with the right combination of a healthy body, mind and soul, family, work and play - by productively spending the hours of each day, in a more balanced and healthier way.

The best way to start a healthy daily routine is to first introduce exercise on a regular basis, even if it’s just 30 minutes a day.

Exercise provides a "high" that could be important for addicts trying to combat cravings.

In addition to decreasing anxiety and stress, physical activity helps increase levels of endorphins and dopamine in the brain, chemicals that naturally give feelings of pleasure.

The best way to heal addictions is to replace an addiction with a healthier habit that gives you a more natural high like exercising.

What is an addiction? An addiction is an unhealthy habit that distracts us from facing things that are not going well for us by making us feel temporarily good.

Addicts are mostly focused on receiving immediate reward of pleasure, even if it is unhealthy to make themselves FEEL BETTER.

People become addicted to experiences that protect them from life challenges they can’t deal with.

It is essential for your security and psychological well­being that you provide yourself with healthy routine of body mind and soul, that increases your feelings of self acceptance, and self love - by learning how to connect with your higher self. (Email to learn more)

To avoid addictions you need to:

1. Accept you have an addiction that is unhealthy for you and your growth.

Eg: Binge Watching ruins your sleep cycle and distracts you from finishing important daily tasks.

2, Understand why you are addicted to an unhealthy habit by asking yourself? Why do I engage in this unhealthy habit? What triggers this unhealthy habit?

Eg: Binge Watching Shows indicates a disconnect from your day to day real life - where you feel bored, stressed, under valued or unloved. The trigger is a feeling of not being happy with your every day life.

3, Replace unhealthy habits by identifying healthier habits that you will enjoy.

Eg: Instead of binge watching a show - find a book you will enjoy reading or start learning something new, like how to play an instrument or maybe even start a project like a book club.

4, Make a Realistic Step by Step Plan to implement new habit.

Eg: Remove distractions/ temptations - Ask Family or Friends To Keep you away from Binge Watching - Count to 10 when tempted - Calm your mind (mindfulness meditation/ walk/ workout /deep breathing) - Sign Up for a class - Ask friends to join book club.

5. Reward Yourself Each day for Successful Completion of Daily Routine . Make daily goal calendar and tick the days on which you’ve successfully achieved it. Reward yourself when you successfully implement your plan of action each day. ( Eg: Reward = Favourite Snack / Dinner Date/ Spa treatment )

I believe in you. It’s time to believe in yourself.

Now is the time to start a healthy and balanced routine.

If you need help to break free from addictions, heal any emotional trauma or negative memories please email me

I can help you formulate a step by step plan of action to heal addictions, sadness and anxiety and to help you achieve your goals.

We all have the power to heal and ascend. It’s time to renew our self belief.

Love light and Blessings.


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