• Anjali Lavania

How To Trust In Divine Timing

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

The acorn doesn’t Know it will become a sapling. The sapling does not remember when it was an acorn, and only dimly senses that it will become a mighty oak. The oak recalls fondly when it was a sapling, loves being a mighty oak, and joyfully creates new acorns.

J. Earp

An Oak tree is a daily reminder that great things often have small beginnings.

Matshona Dhliwayo

Trust the wait - Embrace the uncertainty- enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible." Mandy Hale.

"The great clock of the seasons and the years, and the small clock of intuition, whose timing is guided by the heart. "

--Josephine Winslow Johnson

Your heart is where your higher self lives - through your intuition it is guiding you to unleash your highest potential and fulfil your destiny.

But this will only be possible:

1, If you make time to silence your mental chatter - so that you can listen to your intuition.

2, If you actually follow the guidance given to you by your intuition to chalk out a step by step plan to achieve your goals.

3, If you dedicate your energy to compete these daily baby steps needed to fulfil your daily goals.

4, Each day adds up into a week - weeks into months - and months into years.

5, It’s what you do each day that prepares you to meet your destiny in divine timing.

So enjoy each day - enjoy the process of becoming your highest potential.

Love light and blessings



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