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Making Love Vs Sex : Relationship Goals

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Everyone wants to fall in love - but do they know how to STAY IN LOVE?

Having sex is easy - but Making Love is an Art form - it's pure intention - it's the passion that flows through thoughtful actions, by heightening - brightening & enhancing each others' days. It's all about being mindful and empathetic not just when it's time to make out but through the day.

In a relationship, Intelligence is sexy, but it's not about just being book smart or street smart - it's about how you treat each other using emotional intelligence.

We all come from different backgrounds - we all have different perspectives on life - we all carry past trauma/ scars / battle wounds.

Making Love doesn't just stay in the bedroom - it's taking the time to understand each other, cherish each other, comfort each other and nurse each others' wounds.

Not asking you to be co-dependent - I'm asking you, if you know how to soothe your partner when they come back home from a difficult day.

Different people have different temperaments - each person handles stress in their own way.

You can't coddle someone who likes space or ignore someone who likes to be comforted.

Making Love is about understanding your partner..

Do you know your partner's Dreams? Goals? Fears? Hopes?

Do you know your partners likes and dislikes and who they are deep inside?

Do you know how to play with their inner child?

Do you know how to nourish and nurture their hopes, dreams, their self belief - so that they become the best they can be?

Of course, it's a two way street. If you want a goddess worship her - But Ladies - If you want your man to treat you like a goddess treat him like a King. Both men and women need to be comforted, appreciated & respected equally.

Together, you can explore this amazing Universe and everything it has to offer.

Together, you can work on a joint mission - a common goal.

Together, you can fulfil your dreams.

Break the stereotype of heart break and dishonesty - True love does exist!

But first you have to become the love you seek.

Love, light and blessings.


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