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The Complete Guide On How To Manifest Your Desires

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

What is manifestation?

What is Manifestation?

Let’s look at the meaning of manifestation -: An event, action, or object that clearly shows the materialization of one's thoughts to appear into our perceptible existence - by becoming actual or real.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were really craving your favourite dish and somehow your mom had already telepathically registered your wish and made it for you that very same day?

Or have you ever suddenly thought of someone who you haven’t been in touch with for a while - and they suddenly call or message you that very same day?

This is called "instant manifestation" - Almost like a wizard conjuring a spell - whatever you wish for is instantly manifested.

Reason behind instant manifestation

So then why aren't we instantly manifesting our desires all the time?

Instant manifestation is what we all have experienced at some point but the reason behind its instantaneous manifestation - from thought-form into reality - has a lot to do with our belief around the possibility of that thought coming into our reality without any conflict or doubt.

Our belief in how easily our desires come into our reality - is the biggest secret behind manifestation.

So let's first understand how beliefs are formed? 1, Our beliefs are formed from our past experiences.

2, The emotions we feel ( hope/ faith/doubt/fear) when we think of our past experiences shape our current beliefs.

3, Even after the actual experience - the memory of the emotions we felt during our past experiences will continue to trigger our current beliefs until we heal how that past experience affected us - By replacing outdated beliefs with positive beliefs that are in sync with our goals with the help of Self-hypnosis & Ascension Healing.

Eg: If you were embarrassed by your boss in front of your colleagues for giving a bad presentation - that belief that you are bad at giving presentations gets strengthened due to the strong emotion of embarrassment you felt at that time - and then that feeling of embarrassment keeps replaying in your head to keep you believing that you aren’t good at giving presentations until you heal the memory of that first experience.

So even when you do your best to improve your presentation skills - if you don’t heal that energetic imprint of embarrassment by instilling the belief of confidence within yourself - you will continue feeling abnormally nervous and anxious each time you give a presentation. On the other hand - if you gave an excellent presentation and your boss complimented you on that presentation - your belief in your ability to give good presentations would be strong.

In short: Our past experiences trigger strong emotional memories that form our beliefs and are stored in our subconscious mind as positive or negative experiences.

How are beliefs formed?

But what do beliefs have to do with our ability to manifest? Instant manifestations have a stronger belief system of how easily we can manifest something, based on our past experiences. And that ease - that laser-like focus on that belief being true - without any conflict or doubt of it coming into our reality - is what makes the manifestation of that thought form easier to materialize. That is why in most cases, your mother making your favourite dish or someone calling you when you think about them - are beliefs that you subconsciously know can easily come true - without any doubt or fear attached to it. Warning: Negative beliefs are easily manifested too - So if you are paranoid about catching the flu - and you believe it is highly contagious - you will suddenly find yourself in a situation where your colleague or friend is sick with the flu and you end up catching the flu.

Or if you are afraid of your boss embarrassing you in from of the whole office - because it has happened once before - you then subconsciously keep replaying that fearful thought in your head - that then increases the chances of that happening.

This happens when your belief behind that thought is charged with fear from your past experience - which gives it more power to materialize more easily into your current reality. That is why news channels and advertising play a powerful role in manipulating our fear beliefs - they can control our subconscious behaviour through fear tactics - making us subconsciously believe that we aren’t safe or good enough - so that we buy more products. Ok so now that we know how instant manifestations work - How do we start manifesting things we want in life?

The formula behind instant manifestation is easy:

E.g: You want to manifest a call from a person you like.

1, Trust in Divine Timing: Divine timing often indicates whether this manifestation is meant to happen now or later for your benefit. So the attitude of - if it's meant to be it will be - is the best way to manifest things. E.g: If this person is meant to be with me they will call me.

2, Focus on the main reason behind wanting something to manifest:

If it is meant to happen now - all you have to do is to focus on the main reason WHY you want to speak to that person - if you simply miss that person - focus on what you miss about him/her - without any fear or doubt that they will actually call.

3, Imagine the highest frequency of what you want with highly charged emotions: So if you miss that person, use your imagination to feel what it would be like to talk to them and laugh with them.

These highly charged emotions spark the electromagnetic field in your heart to reach his/her heart - and they will suddenly feel the urge to call or message you that very same day.

First, let's identify which areas of your life seem more difficult to manifest a positive change:


Do you want to stop self-sabotaging behaviors that block you from manifesting meaningful relationships in your life?


Do you feel like you have an unhealthy relationship with money & abundance - do you want to eradicate these unhealthy beliefs?


Do you want to create a confident self-image that unlocks opportunities that lead you to success?


Do you want to become healthier and stronger?


Do you want to heal negative memories by rewiring memories that make you feel stressed or anxious? If you answered yes to any of these - then you are at the right place.

12 Steps to Manifest Desires That Seem Blocked with Fear or Doubt:

1, Write down your goal, intention, or desired outcome.

What’s do you really want?

Note: Make sure you aren't karmically hurting yourself or others to achieve this goal.

2, Ask yourself why you want to manifest that particular desire?

Ask ‘WHY?’ Touch your heart to ask the question + slow your breathing to make your body feel safe.

The brain is a duality organ - it is split into two hemispheres - under pressure, it will go through ego to answer you - which mostly operates out of the survival instinct.

While the heart is non-duality organ - it will answer even before you finish the question.

Eg: I want to become a singer - why?

Because I love performing - why?

Because I want to make people happy with my music -Why?

Because it will give me the freedom to express myself and the freedom to travel - Why?

So that I can meet new people & spread happiness through my music!

This last answer becomes the main reason WHY you deserve to get what you wished for.

When you find the main reason for your desire - you develop a powerful belief of deservedness that gets stored in your subconscious mind to help you manifest what you want.

3, Get specific on the details of what you want.

Let the joy of dreaming be the beginning because this is where creation starts.

A, What do you exactly want? (Colour / Shape/ Quantity/ Details)

Example: I want to do a headstand without leaning against the wall.

B, What are the resources/ steps u need to take to go from where you are - to where you want to be? BREAK INTO MINI GOALS

Example: I want more FLEXIBILITY to be able to do a HEADSTAND.

Resources needed: Join a yoga class/ find online videos / eat healthy organic food / buy a yoga mat. Mini Goals: Break down headstand to mini-goals from child's pose - downward dog - dolphin pose - headstand, etc C, How will you measure achieving your goal & mini-goals? By when? E.g: Achieve my goal when I do a headstand - within 3 MONTHS

Every week achieve mini-goals of perfecting yoga asanas that lead to a headstand.

D, What are the results of reaching your goal?

E.g: I will feel fit, flexible & accomplished. 4, Make your desire a highly charged emotional affirmation. Then end the affirmation with gratitude as if it has already come into your reality.

Emotions carry strong vibrational frequencies. The universe is a mirror that does not reflect words but reflects emotions. So if you say your affirmations robotically -it won't help you. Affirmations/vision boards/prayers only work when emotions are attached to the words and pictures.

How to Create a Manifestation Affirmation: A, CLEAR GOAL: I want to do a headstand. B, FIND MAIN REASON WHY? - I will become more flexible and fit. C, DETERMINE A SPECIFIC DATE - I will do a headstand in 3 months. D, CREATE A DEFINITE ACTION PLAN: I will practice yoga every day E, MAKE IT A 3 SENTENCE HIGHLY CHARGED AFFIRMATION:

I love practicing yoga every day. I am fit and flexible. Practicing yoga every day gives me the flexibility to do a headstand.


Note: While saying the affirmation: Make sure you join your fingertips together in prayer (this rewires both hemispheres of your brain) + Visualize what you want with gratitude as if it's happening now.

How to create a manifestation affirmation

5, Be honest about what's blocking you from achieving your goal and remove those blocks/distractions.

A, What blocks you from doing yoga every day? E.g: Blocks: Not waking up on time + Binge-watching Netflix B, What are the steps to overcome the Blocks? Set alarm to sleep and wake up consistently at the same time to develop new habits + watch Netflix shows only during dinner + Get an accountability buddy.

6, Heal your beliefs to support your goals

Allowing manifestation to enter into your current reality is totally dependent on the strength of your beliefs.

A, Review your belief systems to see which ones support your goals and which ones need to be eradicated:

E.g: I am lazy and can never wake up on time to achieve my goals.

B, Which experiences formed these beliefs?

E.g: My parents say I am lazy - every time I wake up late.

C, Heal victim mentality - Outside circumstances don't matter - only my state of being matters. Once you realize how your negative beliefs were formed - perceive your current situations as a lesson - a hidden blessing to become wiser and stronger.

Eg: My parents may have said I am lazy while growing up, but now I take back my power and heal my state of being and my subconscious patterns with the help of self-hypnosis & Ascension Healing.

D, What new beliefs must be in place in order to achieve this goal? E.g: I am energetic and proactive - I fulfill my daily tasks with ease.

7, Visualize your desired reality and use your imagination as if you are achieving your goal right now.


That's why we cry while watching a movie. A, When achieving your goal - What kind of environment are you in? Where are you? With whom? What do you see, feel, hear, smell, taste? B, How will you be using your body differently while achieving your goal? (Speech / facial expressions ) C, When you're achieving your goals - who are you (Identity)

E.g: I am a successful businessman.

D, Find a symbol that reminds you of your identity while achieving your goal. E.g Find an image that represents being a successful businessman. Make it your screen saver. E, What advice does the future you (that achieved goal) give your present self? What resources/steps do you need to achieve your goal?

F, Write everything you just visualized in a journal.

8, Have a consistent daily practice to maintain a higher state of being Even if you have a bad day - How quickly and efficiently you bounce back from that bad day - is what truly builds momentum.

One of my favourite quotes is from the famous channeller Darrly Anka aka Bashar: "Outside circumstances don’t matter only one’s state of being matters." This basically means don’t let your mood swings, your fears, your health issues, your genes, powerful figures in your environment, the news channels, politics and social media control your ability to stay centered. Become the master of your state of being versus the slave to social conditioning. I know I am NOT the master of my state of being when I find myself feeling fearful, reactive, and stressed. Ask yourself - Do you find yourself waking up stressed and rushing through your day without having enough time to center yourself?

Do you often wonder how some people efficiently deal with daily stress and seem to easily manifest whatever they want from life?


Eg 1: If you want six-pack abs - you go to the gym every day and eat healthy - until you get those six-pack abs. But your daily progress is only possible if you have trained your mind to want to go to the gym even when you feel low and demotivated. When one feels low they tend to distract themselves by indulging in addictions that temporarily make them feel good. (Netflix, alcohol, drugs, binge eating) - Which then further delays them from consistently doing what is needed to manifest their goals.

So to master your state of being, your moods, and the environment around you - you need to develop a daily habit of processing negative situations, thoughts, and feelings with the help of a daily centering practice like Ascension Healing.

A daily centering practice creates neural pathways in your brain to focus on solutions versus fear-based thoughts.

Outside circumstances don’t matter only your state of being matters

9, If not now then when? Dedicate your energy to achieve your goals on a daily basis. Being disciplined one day but procrastinating the next day - does not equal long-term achievement.

Here are few tips to stay dedicated to your goals on a daily basis:

  • Get an accountability partner.

  • Reward yourself after the completion of each successful day.

  • Imagine the consequences - how would it affect yr health/ life/ work/ loved ones if u didn’t achieve your goal?

10, Enjoy each step - each day - each moment with deep breaths of gratitude.

ENJOY your preparations whether improving on your skills, your attitude, your confidence, your relationships, your network, your health, your diet, or your connection with your higher self. When you truly enjoy each moment, your happiness is not focused on a loss or a win. Your happiness is focused on the journey towards becoming your best - cause GIVING YOUR BEST in every now moment is the only thing we can truly control. When you feel demotivated - take deep breaths - to reconnect yourself to the present moment with gratitude for everything you do have.

Gratitude holds a very high frequency and is the best way to recenter ourselves. 11, Have faith in the Universe - Give your best & then let go Did we have any control when we were born into this planet as helpless babies? We need to trust there is a higher intelligence looking out for us. Everything that’s happening is happening for our growth and is a blessing. "I am always divinely guided and blessed;" is a beautiful affirmation that helps us realize that we are always taken care of - All we can do is give our best and then let go - by enjoying each moment and just going with the flow. When we let go and trust the Universe - We Allow the universe to work its magic and bring abundant opportunities to us.

Open yourself to receiving your desire in whatever form it comes.

12, Focus on what is right, instead of what is wrong.

What you focus on grows - So count your blessings and the progress you make each day.

Tell yourself you are getting closer to your desired goal each and every day.

Wake up every day and tell yourself you expect good things to happen and visualize having a productive day.

12 steps to manifest desires that seem blocked with fear or doubt

I hope this guide helps you manifest your dreams. I pray that we all manifest our highest potential and help each other grow.

If you want to learn how to replace negative beliefs with long-lasting states of peace, abundance, and harmony - I offer private online classes to help people awaken their inner mentor, their higher self - so that they can heal their inner child and fulfill their highest potential.

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Love, Light & Blessings



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