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What is My Life Purpose?

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what is my life purpose

1, Your life purpose is that motivating factor that gives you direction.

2, It will inspire you to want to get up in the morning and take action.

3, It gives meaning to your life and your very existence.

"In a study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, Jennifer Aaker of Stanford Graduate School of Business, surveyed 397 people over a month-long period, examining whether people thought their lives were meaningful or happy.

They found 3 key differences between meaningfulness and happiness:

1 Happiness was linked to being a taker rather than a giver, whereas meaningfulness went with being a giver rather than a taker.

2 Getting what you want and need: While satisfying desires was a reliable source of happiness, it had nothing to do with a sense of meaning.

3 Self and personal identity: If happiness is about getting what you want, then meaningfulness is about expressing and defining yourself. A life of meaning is more deeply tied to a valued sense of self and one's purpose in the larger context of life and community.

The unhappy but meaningful life involves difficult undertakings and can be characterized by stress, struggle, and challenges. However, while sometimes unhappy in the moment, these people – connected to a larger sense of purpose and value – make positive contributions to society.

Happiness without meaning is characterized by a relatively shallow and often self-oriented life, in which things go well, needs and desires are easily satisfied.

The meaningful life guides actions from the past through the present to the future, giving one a sense of direction. It offers ways to value good and bad alike.

From achieving our goals to regarding ourselves in a positive light, a life of meaningfulness is considerably healthier than a focus on only happiness."

your passion is that spark that ignites your detiny

Never give up - Your passion will guide you to your destiny ....just follow your passion each day it will show you the way to your dreams. We live in a world driven by money fame power and greed ....where everyone is competing for fame & fortune ...Where Success is measured by how much money one has made, and flaunting one's material assets is necessary to prove their worth to others. But divine success is when we overcome daily trials and tribulations that test our spirit, integrity, and resilience to make us better human beings..... which to me in the bigger picture is - true success! It's time we realized that becoming the best version of ourselves will open more reliable doors that will lead us to long-lasting success. These so-called Shortcuts are actually longer in the long run when it comes to karmic lessons. In the bigger picture, any shortcuts that make us lose our integrity/values or the respect/trust of our loved ones is never worth any amount of fame and fortune.

Karma always has a way of catching up with us to ensure we learn how to be better human beings - as that is the main purpose of our life on Earth. So stay true to yourself, your most authentic honest self. Choose to stay calm in the face of adversity..... Choose to find the hidden blessing in each situation... Choose to practice kindness and patience ...

Most importantly - celebrate the small but important victories that make you a better, stronger, wiser human being each day. Your destiny awaits you - all it takes is one focused step at a time.


Now You have all the time in your hands: 1, To figure what your passion is. 2, To do research about how others have turned their passion into their profession/ mission. 3, To polish your skills through online classes. 4, Make a step by step plan to fulfill your goals within achievable deadlines

steve jobs quotes

So let's figure out what gives your life meaning - what is your life purpose? (Note: At the end of the exercise you will notice that the thing that you write about the most is connected to your life purpose.)

1, Play some soothing music

2, Take a pen and paper 3, Spend 2 minutes in gratitude for 5 things 4, What are your Hobbies/Passion: 5, Your Skills/Expertise: 6, Problem you learned how to solve - Personal Transformation:

7, Life Experiences - People Seek Your Advice On:

8, What do you love doing? What are you good at? What are your natural talents & gifts?

9, What is important to you? What qualities do u aspire to? What do u care for, love, and want to protect?

10, Name 3 people who have influenced you in person or thru books/ ted talks, etc - what are the top 5 qualities of these 3 people?

11, What can you offer that the world needs?

12, What can you offer that will give you an income?

13, What problem you care about that’s larger than you?

14, How can you make a difference?

15, If You Knew You Were Going to Die in a year - What is that one thing you want to do for the world - that you want to be remembered by?



  • You will never want to give up. You will find different ways to overcome obstacles that obstruct you from your goals.

  • Instead of feeling stressed after work, you feel relaxed, satisfied, and filled with purpose.

  • Your creative mind will feel invigorated - in comparison to a job that doesn’t stimulate your ideas and creativity.

  • You willingly want to put in the extra time and effort when you're passionate about your work.

How to make your passion your career

It's time we act upon our dreams on a daily basis. It is important to complete our daily to-do lists that include activities that enhance our body, mind, and soul, getting us closer towards fulfilling our dreams one step at a time. The simple act of ticking off each task each day will fill you with a sense of achievement that will help you sleep with deeper satisfaction each night.

I pray that this inspires you to keep working towards your dreams.

You got this! You can do it! I believe in you 🧚🏻‍♀️🌈

If you need guidance to turn your passion into your mission or to figure out what your life purpose is - I offer private online classes to help people awaken their inner mentor, their higher self - so that they can heal their inner child and fulfill their highest potential with a step by step plan.

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Love, Light & Blessings




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