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Updated: Jun 1, 2021

We are spiritual beings having a human experience reincarnation

What is the Purpose of Reincarnation?

Reincarnation is also called rebirth - According to Hindus and Buddhists the soul is eternal.

After physical death, the soul goes through a period of self introspection to analyze it’s good and bad karma.

And then depending on it’s karma, the soul is given a chance to be reborn into a different physical body to balance it’s past karma.

One’s Karma is directly connected to one’s good and bad desires. Ultimately binding the soul to an endless cycle of life and death - Until one learns how to achieve Moksha (Liberation) from the endless cycle of birth and death by learning how to balance their Karma.

I believe we take up human form to evolve and ascend.

Before we are given a new body to be born into - Our consciousness goes through a period of self introspection to understand how to correct our past wrongs and fulfil our divine mission in this life time.

Based on one’s karma - Some people have harder lessons than others.

Our Past Karma determines what kind of a physical body we will receive in this present lifetime to help us learn the lessons needed to evolve.

That’s why to me - Reincarnation is like a video game with many lives - The goal is to overcome all your negative karmic blocks - So that you learn how to polish all your gifts through different life lessons - Until you reach your Highest Potential.

Why do we choose to reincarnate

What Are Soul Mates & Karmic Enemies?

In each lifetime we meet people who instantly feel very familiar - even though we may have never met them before in this lifetime!

Have you ever had that feeling when you meet someone and you instantly like or hate them?

Have you ever wondered why these people triggered such extreme emotions of love or hatred within you when you don’t even know them?

These are signs of karmic relationships that have come to teach us important life lessons to make us wiser and stronger - So that we can eventually return to the same source of love and light that created all of us.

How Does Destiny Connect Us To Our Karmic Relationships?

Before you are born - Your Higher Self coordinates your life path with your karmic connections, friends and loved ones - To play different roles in your life that will either help you or challenge you - And vice versa.

Once you are born, destiny will serendipitously connect you with different karmic connections at different points in life to help you overcome challenges and ascend.

As Shakespeare famously said - All the world's a stage -And all the men and women merely players.”

So karmically, even our biggest enemies are just playing their role to help us become stronger and wiser.

Destiny connects us to our karmic relationships

Reincarnation & Free Will

So does destiny control our every move? Do we get to make our own choices or are we just robots?

If Destiny is a road map that marks our final destination - Our Free will decides how many stops we make and how many detours we take before we reach our destination.

Many of us get stuck taking so many detours - that we end up getting completely thrown off track, lifetime after lifetime.

Your Free Will decides if you’re going to hurt, betray and cheat others to attain your goals ( further delaying the attainment of your destiny to more lifetimes) .....Or if you’re going to choose love, integrity and honour to fulfil your destiny in this lifetime itself.

destiny os a road map and our free will decides how many stops we make

How Can We Recognize Our Karmic Connections?

1, When one meets their soul family member, soulmate or other karmic connection - A spark of recognition is instantly ignited between the two people.

There is a vivid remembrance of their energetic imprint through their voice, personality traits or even just their presence itself.

2, There is often a feeling of deja vu that makes us feel like we have experienced this moment with them before. Deja vu is often a positive sign that we are moving on the right track towards our destiny.

Research on Reincarnation by Ian Pretyman Stevenson.

Ian Stevenson was a famous psychiatrist known for his research on reincarnation - In his research he had investigated 3000 cases of children who claimed to remember past lives.

This is the Reincarnation Story of Metropolitan Opera Singer Alice Joséphine (Lily) Pons - who is believed to be reincarnated as Dorothy Angelica. Originally written by: Walter Semkiw, MD (

“Dorothy Angelica was born on Sept 24, 2010 in the United States. Her mother, Kira, had written to Walter Semkiw in 2019 regarding her daughter’s past life memories.

Dorothy’s music teacher shared with Kira that her daughter has perfect pitch, which means a person is able to re-create a musical tone without a reference tone.

Kira wrote that she had a Vision before Dorothy was Born

When Kira was 8 months pregnant with Dorothy, she was up late one night in her dining room sewing a baby blanket for her child to come. When suddenly Kira heard a young voice calling from their kitchen who exclaimed, “Mommy! Mommy!” Kira looked up at the door going to the kitchen and saw a girl, who appeared to be about 10 years of age.

This girl was wearing a homemade, plaid dress. This girl smiled at Kira and Kira smiled back. The vision of the girl then faded away. Kira felt very happy after this experience. She speculated that this girl was the child that would be born to her and that the plaid dress she was wearing was perhaps a something her future daughter wore in a past incarnation.

When Dorothy turned 6, Kira realized that the girl in her vision was in fact Dorothy - And that’s when Kira decided to share her vision of the girl in the plaid dress to her daughter.

Being spiritual, Kira had taught Dorothy to meditate and upon hearing her mother’s dream of the girl in the plaid dress - Dorothy decided to meditate to see if she could find out who that girl was in a past life.

Being only 6 years old, Dorothy had just started kindergarten and had not yet learned to read, nor did she know how to use a computer to research possible past life identities through the Internet.

And so while Dorothy was sitting on the floor meditating, she suddenly opened her eyes and said:

“Mom, I know who I used to be in a past life. Her name was something like Lizy or Lily, but her REAL name was Alice Pons.”

Dorothy said that Alice Pons husband’s name was “Cos Liams.” She said that they had pets and described other details of this past lifetime like how Lily Pons spoke many languages, how she used to play the piano and loved to sing - And how she became a professional singer by the age of 22. Dorothy even told Kira, how Lily had a music room in her house, how she loved wild cats and the singing of birds..”

After listening to her daughter’s story - Kira immediately Googled the names her daughter mentioned - And found that Lily Pons was actually an opera singer born in 1898, in France, who enjoyed fame in the 1940’s and that Lily’s husbands name was in fact Cos Liams!

Isn’t that incredible - they are many more amazing stories about reincarnation in this link ( - Do check it out.

7 signs of reincarnation and past lives

7 Signs You’ve Had A Past Life:

If you have ever wondered whether have had previous life times - These 7 signs can help you answer that question:


You are inexplicably drawn to certain places, songs & things that you are very passionate about. You display skills that come very naturally to you. (Strong Indication of Past life occupation or Passion)


You can remember vivid details about people, places or things that you have never encountered before.


When you meet certain people or go to certain places - You feel like you have already met them before or been there before.


You have recurring dreams of places, people, situations that seem very familiar and real to you


Phobias are strong aversions to a particular experience or thing. Which can be a strong indication of a previous experience in a former life that was traumatic.

For example, someone who died in a plane crash in previous life could have a strong phobia of flying .


In his research, Dr. Stevenson found that individuals who died of traumatic wounds, such as bullet or knife wounds, often are born in a subsequent incarnation with birthmarks or scars that mirror the wounds incurred in the past lifetime.


Xenoglossy is the ability to understand a foreign language that hasn’t yet been learnt in one’s present lifetime.

In addition to the recovery of a language from a past lifetime, in some xenoglossy cases, the entire past life personality emerges and essentially takes over the body of the present personality.

I wonder how many past personalities exists within each on of us....

life on earth is governed by karma time and duality

So How Do We Ace This Reincarnation Video Game?

Life on Earth is Governed By Karma, Time & Duality.

1, Karma teaches us how to correct our wrongs and make them right.

2, Time helps us realize how short and precious our life is and teaches us how to appreciate life and each moment that we are blessed with.

3, Duality is the two opposite ends of the same spectrum of energy. When we experience one end of the spectrum with mindfulness - We begin to understand and appreciate the value of the opposite end.

Eg: Good & Bad.

We would not know what it means to be good - if we didn’t ever experience what it feels to be bad - So it’s best not to fear the lower spectrum of energy in duality.

It’s better to understand why you are experiencing the lower frequency of duality and then use it as a marker to engage in activities that will make you feel more centered.

Therefore the best way to Ace the Reincarnation video game is:

1, To break free from the illusion of the material world and duality by focusing your energy on fulfilling your divine purpose.

2, By realising that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.

3, By appreciating each moment of life we are blessed with.

These 3 steps can be achieved with mindfulness practices like Meditation or Ascension Healing. So that we learn how to mindfully take the right actions to balance our Karma, by aligning our thoughts and behaviour with our wise and loving Higher Self.

If you have anything to add, I would love to read your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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