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What is Your Higher Self?

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Higher self calming and healing me thru meditation. Higher Self definition

As children we feel invincible, believing that we can achieve anything we put our minds to, but as we grow older - why do we let age, money and others' opinions stop us from following our dreams? 

Never let anyone convince you that you can't achieve your dreams or that your dreams are too big.  Please realize, what worked for others won't necessarily work for you, and what works for you might not work for others. We Have To Pave Our Own Unique Pathway To Success By Following Our Intuition.

We all want to become the best we can be and achieve our goals. But becoming our best self and achieving something requires us to take Action:

  1. Action to move ahead or rise up to next stage.

  2. Action to take back our power.

  3. Action to unleash our highest potential!

  4. Action to break free from herd mentality!

  5. Action to stay calm & centered.

So how can we find the right inspiration & motivation to take the RIGHT ACTION? By finding time to connect with your wise and calming Higher Self on a daily basis.

Higher Self Guidance. Higher Self Helping you to believe in yourself and achieve your dreams.

Your Higher Self Knows How To Guide You With Daily Proactive Steps To Make Your Dreams A Reality - By Helping You To “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF" AGAIN!

Let's Break this down. Believe means - accept that (something) is true, especially without proof.

So by that definition, believing in yourself . Requires you to accept that your HIGHER SELF IS TRUE WITHOUT PROOF!  What is the HIGHER SELF SELF? Who are we? Who is in charge of this body? What are we meant to accomplish in life? So many questions - one answer! Believe in your HIGHER SELF! 

There is no visible proof of this Higher Self but then again we can't see the two most powerful energies that help us survive: Gravity and Air - We can only feel it.

Similarly, your Higher Self may not be seen - but it's reassuring love, support and guidance can definitely be felt.

Higher Self guiding me to stick to my diet

As humans we often overthink, hesitate, vacillate ....going back and forth between feeling confident and self assured to feeling doubtful, scared and lost.

One day we might be disciplined, focused and motivated and suddenly the next day we might feel lazy, distracted and indifferent. This back and forth between two extreme ways of thinking, basically means that we have a tendency towards over analysis, low self esteem and lack of faith.

That is why - It’s important to adopt a daily practice that integrates you with your HIGHER SELF, so that you stay centered, motivated and focused.

Your Higher Self is Your Inner Mentor it Knows how to help you heal self judgement, inadequacy or any kind of negativity by teaching you the difference between healthy introspection and self criticism.

Higher Self teaches self love and self acceptance

We all have goals we want to achieve, but at the same time we all have emotional, physical and mental problems that block us from achieving these goals - But luckily the solution is pretty simple!

As Einstein said; ""We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them!"

So whenever you find yourself feeling discouraged - The solution is to simply connect with your Higher Self - And you will find creative solutions from a higher perspective.

Human Beings are emotional beings - our emotions rule our decision making skills and that is why we tend to easily make the wrong decisions whenever we get thrown off balance by our emotions.

But if we connect with our Higher Self on a daily basis - We begin developing a healthy habit of soothing our emotions and quietening our fears, by listening to the wisdom that our higher self guides us with.

This simple daily habit of connecting with our Higher Self has helped many of my clients to consistently strengthen their will power and break free unhealthy patterns.

Higher Self is your inner mentor


1, Your “Higher Self” is that all knowing, unlimited and eternal part of you That Guides You Thru Intuition, Signs & Synchronicities. 2, Your “Higher Self” is Calming, Loving & Reassuring. It Will Always Guide You To Achieve Your Dreams By Helping You To Believe In Yourself Again.

3, Your “Higher Self will show you how to you heal yourself and is that gentle & loving inner voice that will nudge you in the right direction - So that you make appropriate choices that are important for your success and growth. 

4, Your “Higher Self” Teaches You To Love & Accept Yourself.

Self Love is The Foundation Of Self Confidence.

5, Your “Higher Self” is That Gentle Yet Firm Inner Voice That Stops You From Repeating Unhealthy Patterns & Toxic Behaviour.

6, Your Higher Self is like a compass that points you in the right direction, whenever you feel lost in this vast ocean called life.

In short, when you develop this simple yet powerful daily habit of connecting with your Higher Self - You will consistently unleash your highest potential.

So join me on this journey of self discovery where you will learn how to heal you inner child, by aligning with your wise and loving Higher Self - And together, we will reignite all those possibilities that you may have once deemed impossible.

Your Highest Potential awaits you NOW!

If you have anything to add, I would love to read your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

To learn more about how to connect with your Higher Self:

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Love, Light & Blessings



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