In this past year I have been going through life changing events (divorce and losing my job) and the valuable ascension healing sessions I have had with Anjali has opened up a whole new level of understanding. She has taught me how to break free from negative patterns. Throughout this challenging time she has provided me with so much insight and guidance that without it I would have been in a far worse place. Her wise and careful readings of my situation helped me understand why these things were happening to me. The practical techniques that she gave me post each session empowered me with the confidence that I needed to make the right decisions each and every step along the way. She is an amazing source of extreme wisdom, unconditional love and she is truly inspirational. Every time I work with her I feel I take another important step along my life’s path and I come away determined to be a better person.


Brendon - London


     I want to sing out loud to the world - how a good healer can heal your mind body and soul . Well Anjali is an incredibly gifted spiritual healer changed my life completely. Her wisdom and healing wisdom made me a new person I felt I was born again - a new soul devoid of all the burden of sorrows I was carrying around me because of my sensitive nature - I used to be all weepy and sad whenever my past trauma was brought up. I used to have a break down and used to be traumatised. But Anjali, my spiritual therapist taught me to heal my past pain and finally move forward in life. Before her sessions, I had refused to let go of my pain and my negative attitude had changed me from being a happy go lucky person to being constantly sick. When I fell ill I got in touch with Anjali for help ..the moment she began to teach me how to heal myself - my pain seem to evaporate. During our sessions, her sound practical advice helped me view the world in a from a higher perspective - which helped heal physically mentally and spiritually. Today I do all the healing affirmations as soon as I wake up and it makes me feel absolutely positive, alive and healthy. .Thank you my god send healer. I would recommend her wholeheartedly - if u have any problems I can assure u will be a new light in this world if u meet with Anjali.


Marissa - Mumbai

      Post back-surgery I was still suffering, and I wasn't recuperating as expected. I was in a very dark place as I was bed - ridden for years  since I was unable to walk post my surgery. Anjali was one of the few people who really helped me. Her perspective/wisdom, encouragement, introduction & instructions through ascension healing helped me immensely to change my general outlook / thinking. She positively imbued me with optimism and amazingly the ascension healing practice she taught me - guided me towards recovery. I am much, much better today - within a month of following her ascension healing practice - I finally started walking around normally after years of being bed ridden.  And since then, I continue to use Anjali's teachings to help me stay on a positive path.


Simon - New York


    I have been going to Anjali for advice on different aspects of my life for almost 4 years now.. She is so good at guiding people from all walks of life and is naturally very intuitive, empathetic and is a highly evolved person with shamanic traits.. For me personally she has been the greatest motivator and guide.. She has introduced me to so many different spiritual aspects and has seriously opened up my mind heart and soul.. she has innate ability to understand a persons emotions and situation and knows how to give the appropriate guidance accordingly.. she has a very simple yet holistic approach. When she helped me connect with my higher self  and helped me understand the difference between the guidance from my higher self and  my ego. She is a truly genuine, accurate and pure hearted soul who has made a huge impact in my life . I am truly blessed to have her as my spiritual guide. ... she is born to be a spiritual healer and I will always vouch for her.


Nikhil - Mumbai

   The last few months has been the greatest testing period of my life. I've gone through many emotions of anxiety, despair and fear - not knowing what will make me feel better again. After speaking to you and doing a few sessions, I can't say how grateful I am to have interacted with you. You have shown me a different way to look at life and circumstances and I got the much needed insight I was looking for. I now feel that I will be fine and will come out of this or any other situation with more strength than I've ever had. There are no words good enough to tell you how much you have impacted my life and I am forever indebted to you for that. You truly have a gift! Thank you so much!





    Although I do believe in the existence of God, I am not very spiritually connected. However, I am blessed to have met few people who are. One such person is Anjali . Through her ascension and angel readings and purely through her light and energy she has guided & helped me and my family through some of life's toughest situations. Her connection to the Angels and the higher powers of the universe is something I truly believe in. Her positive vibes, her energy and strong faith has helped me evolve as a person. And most of all it is her angelic aura that helps me stay calm and face life's innumerable challenges. Thank you Anjali.. You truly are a blessing ...


Rupali - Mumbai. 

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